Vampire Love

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I turned around, but didn't say a word.

He stood up and walked over to me. But I put my hand on his stomach to stop him.

" I'm sorry."

" Don't tell me you're sorry. I've gotten enough pity these last few days to last a life time."

A look of hurt crossed his face.

For some reason I just couldn't look at him so I turned my head and looked over the balcony.

" Well what did you want me to do?"

" I don't know! Anything other then pretending to die that's for damn sure!"

I was back to yelling.

" Ok, so I was supposed to jump up and say oh, no, I'm alive. Kimberley, I don't have a fucking pulse! Those people would have known that something was up. People are smarter these days. They could have figured it out."

" Ok, so, what about all the people that went to your funeral? Huh? What are you gonna tell them?"

He didn't say anything.

" What about my brother? What are you gonna tell him when he sees you? He was there too you know. He thought of you as family. He was crying at the funeral."

" I don't know." he whispered.

He turned his head and I saw what looked like was stitches sticking out of the top of his shirt.

" What the hell?"

He looked over and saw me staring. I went over and touched it.

" What is that?"

" They did an autopsy thingy."

I lifted up his shirt and gasped. I ran my fingers over the jagged lines on his chest.

" This is my fault." I said.

" No it's not."

" Yes it is!" I screamed.

I went to turn so he wouldn't see me start to cry, but he grabbed me and pulled me close.

I didn't even try to fight this time.

I felt my knees give out and I would have fallen to the ground if Zack wouldn't have been holding on to me.

He picked me up and set me in the chair that was on the balcony.

Erin came out of the bathroom then and when she saw Zack and me she said, " I'm just gonna go make breakfast for Kenny."

All I could do was nod my head.

God, I am so sick of crying.

I noticed that Zack was looking at me. And I mean like staring.

" What?"

" You are so beautiful."

And then he kissed me, long and hard.

I didn't know what to do so I just kissed him back.

It took me a minute to realize that I had missed kissing him.

I mean, Tyler was a good kisser and I really liked him, but it was nothing compared to Zack.

I'm gonna have to hurt one of them.

But the question is...

Who do I hurt?

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