Day Six

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*Elizabeth's POV*

My eyes flew open, greeting me with blankness.

Damn blindfold

I heard footsteps, and the door clicking shut. The vibrators came to life again, my body shuddering, weak and exhausted moans escaped me.

"How many times, Elizabeth?"

How many times what?

I felt the air whoosh, as he slapped me.

"You will answer when spoken too, how many times did you orgasm, Girl?"

Fuck, I couldn't even remember.. the entire was a blur.. I couldn't have slept more than 30 minutes.

"I- I dont know.. sir.."

"how many times were you allowed too?."

I moan weakly, as the vibrations become more intense, "N-none, Sir."

I heard the sound of sneakers fade away, then a loud crack next to my ear. Suddenly a searing pain runs down my spine. I let out a scream. He continues, stopping when my screams have faded, receiving 15 lashes.

"15 lashes, for 15 orgasms."

The vibrations inside me die suddenly, my attention focusing only on the pain in my back. He removes the vibrator and butt plug from my aching body, releasing my arms from above my head, and taking away the blindfold. He opens the door, allowing a kneeling Anna to swiftly enter the room.

"Take her to medical, get her treated. Breakfast is in an hour, I want you both in my room, in 45 minutes, or less."

"Yes, Sir." Anna answers back.

Jacob kisses her, before exiting the room.

Anna walks to me, helping me from the floor I had collapsed on to. I hissed in pain, as i stood up, my back on fire. She began to lead me to the door, when i stopped her.

"Anna, I'm not going out there naked for everyone to see.."

"Clothes are going to be more uncomfortable, besides, medical is only a bit down the hall." She says, as if she's been through this before.

I reluctantly allow her to lead me down the hallway, completely naked, and into medical. A kind woman softly takes me Anna, getting me to lay on my stomach on a table. She asks for no explanation, just simply, and carefully, rubs some ointment into my wounds. Once she finishes, she has me sit up, and wraps a bandage around me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Anna begin to nervously pace, casting glances at the clock. The lady hands me some pain medication and a glass of water. Once I've swallowed them, she helps me slide off the table. Smiling, nervously, Anna leads me back to my room, pacing again, as I carefully dress in yoga pants, and a T-shirt.

"Anna, are you okay?." I ask, as she leads me back to her room, speed walking quickly.

"We're going to be late.." She says, a flash of fear in her eyes.

She quickly opens her room door, kneeling in the center of the room. I follow her lead, but am unable to sit as straight as her, my back screaming in protest.

"Tisk, tisk, you're late girls." I hear a voice behind me, i bit the inside of my lip, preventing my self from looking for Jason. "Do you know how late you are??.

"Three minutes, sir." Anna answers quickly, almost robotic.

"Yes, three minutes." I hear his footsteps stop in front of me. "Do you care to explain why you're not kneeling properly, slave?"

"It hurts, to much.." I answer


I brace myself, and the slap hits me.

"Do not forget to address me, girl. And, I do not care if it hurts. You will kneel properly."

"Yes, sir." I mumble, attempting to straighten my back.

*slap* "You will speak clearly, girl." He growls, venom in his tone.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Anna trembling slightly.

"Yes, sir." I repeat, alittle bit of an edge to my voice.

I hear Jason sigh, exasperated.

"Because, I'm tired of your attitude, tired of hearing your voice, and you've failed to kneel properly, as well as arrive on time. I will be gagging, leashing and constricting your movements." I can almost hear the evil grin in his voice.

He disappears behind us, returning seconds later, dropping the things behind me.

"Get on all fours, do not make me say it twice."

I reluctantly puts my hands out in front of me, as he begins to put a weird harness thing on me. Soon I can no longer straighten my legs, or bend my arms. A collar encircles my throat, a single strap running from it, down the center of my back, between my legs and breasts, to reconnect to the front side of the collar. He then forces a ball gag into my mouth, and clips a leash onto the collar.

"You are my pet now girl. Nothing more than a bitch to be controlled. Impress me, and this might end."

I whimper through the gag, my dignity and pride dying inside me, slowly. An accidental tear rolls down my chin.

"He wipes it off my face, "Crying wont get you out of this once, so stop." I bow my head, weak from lack of sleep, and the events of this morning and last night.

I silently remind myself, only 48 more hours to go.

48 hours

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