Day 5 - Continued

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*Elizabeth's POV*

I quickly looked away, shocked by the dark circles underneath my eyes, and something else, lurking in the depths of my eyes. I quickly dried off my hands, opening the door and quietly returning to my spot on the floor.

A couple hours later, Noah stood up suddenly, walking behind me, and stopping.

He gently grabbed my arms, pulling me up, and held me for awhile.

Releasing me from his grasp, he walked to the door, and pulled it open.

"Come, we missed lunch, let's get super."

I walked past him, then followed him to the Dining Hall, we grabbed our food, and sat with his friends, the girls all smiling at me.

"Jacob, I have to leave for a couple days, something important came up. I don't want to leave Elizabeth alone, since she's so new, would you take care of her, for me?"

What, he's leaving me alone, with some guy I don't know.

Anna looked at me quickly then went back to eating her food.

What was that look for?

"Sure, Noah, I'd love to do that for you. I'm sure Anna and her would get along well, right Anna?"

"Yes, sir." She spoke quickly

She seems so nervous

"Thanks Jacob, nice seeing you guys." Noah nodded to his friends, standing up.

I followed him, as we dropped off our trays, and returned to the bedroom.

"What the fuck?" I growled, unable to contain my anger anymore. "You're just going to leave me. With that guy. I don't know him. Look at Anna, she's terrified of him! How could-"

I was cut off as Noah turned and slapped me hard.

"Don't speak like that to me, ever. I can do what I please with you. Even if that means leaving you with a stranger. He's harsh, I will admit. But maybe you'll learn something while you're with him."

I stumbled to find words, tears pricking at my eyes.

"Strip and kneel. I don't want to have to punish you twice in one day. But your behavior, is not acceptable."

I quickly removed my clothes, and dropped to my knees. Attempting to numb my emotions.

Noah moved around behind me, finally returning.

He pulled me up, dragging me to a metal bar, connected across the ceiling. He pulled my arms above my head, and quickly secured them above me.

I whimpered, all my weight resting on my wrists, my toes barely brushing the ground.

"I'm punishing you for failing to address me properly, swearing at me, and mistrusting my judgement."

He pulled a blindfold across my face, securing it behind my head.

I felt something cold against my nipples, then a sharp pain.

Nipple clamps

I whimpered

He traveled down my body, I felt something cold at my entrance, as he pushed it into me.

He then moved behind me, I felt him near my ass, and attempted to squirm away.

"Don't fight me. Or you'll make it worse.

I stopped, dropping my head to my chest in defeat.

Another cold metal thing was pushed into me, I whimpered in discomfort and pain.

"I'm leaving you like this the rest of the night. Jacob will be here for you in the morning. Don't cum, or he will be allowed to punish you.

" S-sir.. Please don't leave me hear... I'm sorry.. Sir?" I heard the door click shut.


I felt the metal things begin to vibrate, the combination giving me intense feelings. I gulped, moans escaping my lips

I won't be able to make it all night...

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