Day 1

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*Elizabeth's POV*

I sat in English, chatting to my friend next to me. The teacher was attempting to explain the importance of Romeo and Juliet, to the rest of my dim witted class.

I'm normally really interested in these kinds of topics, but I had already read the play, when I was 13. I have a fascination for classic literature, something most 17 year olds, don't even know exists.

"Elizabeth! Stop talking please, I don't want to have to ask you again." I glared at my teacher. I can't stand being called Elizabeth, something I've told him, numerous times.

It's Eliza

The teacher turned back to the class, and goes back to speaking when the loud speaker turns on.

"Everyone, this is a code blue. We are on lock down. This is not a drill." My principals voice shouts through the microphone.

My teacher, freezes, then launches into action, quickly locking the door, turning off the lights, closing the curtains, and ushering everyone into the corner.

My friend and I managed to get a spot, on the outside of the group, so we don't have to be crammed into everyone else.

And then, we hear a knock, on the door. We also look to the teacher, he holds up a finger to his lips, motioning us all to be quiet, we do.

The door handle rattles, as some one tries to force entry into the classroom. The rattling stops, and we all sit there in silence for a couple seconds.

The seconds drift into minutes. We're all holding are breath, hoping it's over.

Then, suddenly, a pole is shoved through the small window in the door, glass shattering into the floor.

A hand emerges, turning the door handle from the outside, letting the mysterious persons in.

One of my classmates, screams as four men armed with AK47, walk into the classroom.

They're all about 5' 8, I can see their muscles under their shirts, each is wearing a mask. Their eyes scan our cluster of people. Until all their eyes stop, and land on me.

Two of the men approach me. One grabs me by my forearm, pulling me to my feet.

"Are you Elizabeth Smith, girl?" The other grumbles out.

"It's Eliza, asshole!" I growl at him, trying to pull myself free of the giant mans grasp.


"You will speak to us kindly. Girl. Or face the consequences."

"Fuck you" I curse at him, spitting on his face right after, making sure to completely convey how pissed I am.

I see anger flash in eyes, but he simply nods at his friend. I feel a prick in my skin, and them my vision starts to cloud. I feel myself get thrown over a shoulder and hear

"Have a good day, ladies and gentlemen" and a door clicking shut, as the world fades away slowly.



Hello, everyone.

This story will pick up in the next chapter.
I will update soon

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