Day 4

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*Elizabeth's POV*

He turned and left the room, leaving me in the middle of the floor, my cheek stinging. I heard the door shut, and the lock slide into place. I shakily stood up, I didn't know if I was allowed to, but I don't know what else to do. I stepped to the bed, sitting on the edge. I sat in silence, staring at the floor, and fumbling with the edge of my sleeve.

The door handle turned suddenly, a bodyguard and Him, walked into the room.

"You should stand, when someone enters the room." He calmly said.

I stood up, He motions me to him. I gulp, and walk to him. He smiles at me.

"My friend here, is going to take you to initiation. Be a good girl for me alright?"

I nod my head. Why am I like this

The bodyguard took my arm, and led me out the doors, down many twisting hallways, finally stopping, he opened a door, and pushed me inside.

A strange man, stood by a chair, he motioned me forward, I sat in the chair, in seconds, he had my wrists and ankles, chained to the chair. I whimpered softly.

He disappeared behind me for a couple minutes, returning with a stool, and what looked like, a tattooing gun.

"Please, don't do-"

"Quiet, it'll go easier for both of us"

I gulped, as he slowly began to tattoo my right wrist.

A hour or so later, he stopped, moving away, I finally got a view of the tattoo.

It was a beautiful dragon, wrapped around a sword, underneath in script, was "Property of N.C.S"

"It's beautiful" I whispered

A smirk appeared on his lips, he released me from the chair, and He walked in.

"Come here, Elizabeth, I want to see it" I walked to him, holding out my wrist.

"Beautiful, good work" he shouted to the man.

"Let's get going, we've got somewhere to be." He smiled, grabbing my hand.


I was in the shower, silently washing my body and hair. I finished, stepping out of the shower. I slipped on the old clothes, opening the bathroom door, walking through the office space, and into the bedroom.

Standing next to a chair, a mirror and a wheelie table, full of make up, and tools for doing hair, was a young woman.

"Hello dear, I'm Susan, come sit." I eyed the chair, nervously, remembering the events from earlier today.

"It's okay dear, its just a chair, no tricks."

I sat down, immediately, she began to work on my hair. Then my makeup.

Once she was done, she disappeared into the closet, and returned with a strapless, midnight blue dress. She handed it to me, I slipped off of the old clothes, and put on the dress.

She smiled at me, "Come, dear, look at yourself" she waved towards the mirror.

I gasped when I stopped in front of the mirror. My black hair, was curled into perfect waves. My make up highlighted my blue eyes, and erased the tiredness from my face. The dress stop just above my knees, and clung to my waist, giving me a well angled look.

I smiled "I look... Beautiful.. Thank you.. Miss?"

She nodded her head at me "Thank you dear." She packed up her stuff, and left the room. A couple seconds later, He walked in. I turned to him, and smiled.

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