Day 2

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*Elizabeth's POV*

I slowly opened my eyes, a pounding headache threatening to break through my skull. My jaw oddly hurts, and my shoulders hurt. I look around me, and everything comes crashing back in.

I've been kidnapped

They knew my name

I try to pull my arms in front of me, I find I can't. My hands are tied behind me, at the wrist. I groan out loud, realizing why my jaw hurts, I've been gagged.

I give up trying to break free, and scan my surrounding. I soon realize, I'm in a vehicle.. A van. My eyes then land on a man, sitting by the doors.

He looks over at me in the same moment, a smile visible under the face mask. He gets up and crouches in front of me, grabbing my chin.

"Such a pretty little thing"

"Mmph!!" Get away from me you creep!

His hand drops my face, and lowers to my chest. He places his hand on my breast.

What the fuck?

I forcibly kick him, accidentally hitting him between the legs.

"You little bitch!" He groans.

After he gets over his moment of pain. He stands up, grabbing me by the throat, pulling me up with him.

He pulls his other hand back, and slaps me across the face, I see stars for a moment, then he slaps me again, and then finally a third time. He releases his grasps, letting me slide back down the wall onto the floor. I can't help it as a tear rolls down my cheek.

He sits back down on a bench near the door.

A couple minutes later the van stops, and the doors open. I quickly look out the doors, in hopes of finding out where I am. I'm met with a blinding light. Another man climbs into the van, while the previous gets out.

He approaches me. Pulling me up. He turns me around, pulling a blindfold over my eyes.

"Be a good girl, and this will go smoothly" he whisper.


I pick up my leg, and stomp down on his foot. He hisses out in pain, forcing a set of earplugs in my ears. Suddenly, I'm being picked up and carried again.

We enter into a building, I can feel the temperature difference, and I'm set down. Someone still has a grip on my arm, as they lead me forward. We take so many lefts, and rights, I quickly loose track. We step into an elevator, and go down several floors, then more lefts and rights, another elevator, another maze of turns, and we stop.

The blindfold, earplugs, and gag are removed. I'm pushed onto the floor, and told to kneel there.

Then they leave.

I quickly scan the room. I'm kneeled in front of a desk. There's two doors, one is opened, the other closed.

I carefully stand up, sneaking across the floor to the open door.


I turn around, and look at the other door.

What do I have to lose?

I walk to the door, turning my back to it, and placing my hands on the doorknob. It clicks, then swings open. I quickly turn around, gasping in horror, at the scene in front of me.

The walls are lines with whips, canes, chains, handcuffs, toys, gags, blindfolds, and things I've never seen before. Against the middle of the back wall, is a bed.

I place one foot inside the room, when I feel someone behind me, I turn around to a man staring at me, fire in his eyes.

He wasn't very attractive, but very muscly. He quickly grabbed me, by my waist, throwing me into the bed.

Within seconds, he had my hands untied, my clothes torn off, and my wrists and ankles secured to opposite corners of the bed. I didn't have a moment to argue or say otherwise, before he pushed himself into me.

I never dreamed this would be how I lost my virginity.

It ended just as quickly as it started. He got up, adjusting his pants, and left. Leaving me to cry myself to sleep.



More to come. More detail to come.

Lack of sex detail, as she wasn't feeling much, hope you guys understand.

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