Day 3

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*Elizabeth's POV*

I opened my eyes, slowly. Everything hurt. I tried to sit up, then realized I was still chained to the bed. I let out a frustrated groan.

"You're awake, finally" I heard a smooth voice say, from across the room.

I picked my head up, looking around the room. Standing at the end of the bed, was a handsome man, with steely blue eyes, and chocolate black hair.


I remembered I was completely naked, and tried to move my hands to cover myself, to no avail.

Stupid chains

He chuckled lightly.

"Do you know why you're hear, Ms.Smith?"

"No I don't, asshole! Let me go home." I growl

He may be pretty, but that isn't going to stop me.

"Home, Ms.Smith, we know you don't have one." He said. Going over to a table, and picking up a folder. "You've been in and out of foster homes, in and out of towns, schools. Why you don't even have real friends."

I shuddered, he knew so much.

How. Why.

He walked to me, silently sitting on the bed next to. He ran a hand between my breasts, and down my stomach, stopping just above my sex.

I groaned. I wanted him. So bad.

What's going on with me

He chuckled again. Moving his hand away, he unlocked the chain's around my wrists, then my ankles. I moved my arms and legs up. Groaning as my ceased muscles protested.

"You'll get used to it dear, with time"

What is he talking about?

He suddenly stood up, going to a door I hadn't noticed before, he entered it. He reappeared with some clothes in his hands, tossing them at me.

"Get dressed. So I can explain your purpose."

I quickly slid the clothes on, he motioned me towards him, I stepped towards him. Making it to the middle of the room, he suddenly pushed me down, onto my knees.

'Hey, what the-"


"Shhs, my pet. I'll talk. You're here for my pleasure. I'm a dominant. You're the submissive. We've been watching you for a couple years. You're a feisty little thing. But you have all the submissive qualities." He gently grabbed my face, and I felt something deep within me.

"You'll refer to me as, Sir. You are mine, you do as I say, when I say it. Their will be punishments if you can't follow my rules. If you do good, you'll be rewarded. Don't look me in the eye. Don't talk back. Speak only when spoken too, got it?"

This is so fucked... But why am I so turned on..


*slap* "Yes, what?"

"Y-yes... Sir"

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