Day 4 - Continued

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*Elizabeth's POV*

Noah slammed open the bedroom door, with an iron death grip around my wrist still. He yanked me into the room, and pointed at the floor.

"Kneel, now"

"But I didn't do anything! She-" I tried to explain

"Shut it, I don't want to hear anything right now." He growled, pushing me onto my knees. "Just kneel. Don't speak."

He wandered behind, going into the drawers, I could hear him pulling things out. He returned behind me.

"Strip, and get on the bed." He simply ordered me.


"I will gag you, girl."

I shut up, quickly pulling my clothes off, I layed on the bed.

I heard him walk towards me, I dared to look up. There was fire in his eyes, and fury marked across his face.

I just want to explain myself

He pulled my wrists up to separate corners, attaching leather cuffs around them. He then pulled out an egg shaped device, and a blindfold, which he placed over my eyes.

What is it?

I felt his hand near my sex. As scared as I was, I was turned on by what was happening around me. I felt him push the egg into me, then it began to vibrate.

Oh, that's what it does

I felt his breath on my ear, "Do not cum. Or you will be getting more whippings, then you're getting when I come back. Got it?"

"Yes-s" I groaned, already fighting the urge.

"That's one more. Yes?"

"Yes-s, sir"

I heard his foot steps, then the door clicking shut.

The next minutes or hours, maybe, were torturous. My insides were beginning to hurt from not allowing anything to come forth. And finally, I couldn't handle it, I was just about to let go, when I heard the door click open.

I let out a soft whimper "P-please, sir" I managed to barely whisper out.

I felt his hand, then almost lost control as he pulled it out.

"You're being punished, because" he finally explained, "you were fighting, -I don't care the reason right now. I will hear it later-, it was unacceptable, and you embarrassed me."

"I'm sorry, sir" I whimpered.

"I'm going to spank you, with the crop, 11 times. 10 for fighting, one for forgetting to address me properly. You're going to count each one. On the final, you'll thank me."

He released my wrists, then quickly positioned me.

*fwap* I cringed ow

"O-one s-sir"

*fwap, fwap*

This hurts so much, why does he want this?

"Three, sir"

*fwap, fwap, fwap*

"Six.. Sir" The pain was becoming to much, I could feel tears threatening to spill over the edge.

*fwap, fwap, fwap, fwap*

"Ten.... Sir" I whimpered, chocking back a sob.

*fwap* He hit me the hardest that time, a single tear slid down my cheek.

"E-eleven, thank you, s-sir."

I heard his foot steps, then the blindfold is removed. He picks me up, and gently places me on my back, it stings my sore butt.

"You did good, for your first time" he whispered, gently into my ear, beginning to trail kisses down my neck. "Tell me what happened earlier"

I groaned, his kisses felt so good. "I -I.. She called me your new whore and-"

I moaned, as he kissed around my nipple, teasing.

"She said you deserved better, and I was going to get warn out.. Like.. Like the last-"

I moaned louder, as I felt his fingers slip into me, all the feeling still there from earlier.

"And she-e called me a bitch, so I punched h-her, sir"

"You're so beautiful, Eliza" He groaned suddenly.

He said my name.. The one I actually like.

I heard him slip his clothes off, and then he was on top of me. He pushed himself into me, I moaned softly.

The next couple minutes, I endured the overwhelming feeling. I could feel myself about to come apart when he murmured

"Cum for me, baby"

I felt myself, spasming uncontrollably, as he did so as well. He collapsed beside me, as both of our orgasm's subdued, I felt my eyelids close, and I slipped into sleep.

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