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This chapter isn't that good and I didn't proof read, eh.

I've been here for almost a two weeks now and Ariella is still telling me more about this school and who to hang out with and who to stay away from. Kevin was in the list to stay away from.

I also learned that I have every class with him so that mad it a little hard. He would constantly whisper towards me or pull on my hair to get my attention since he sits behind me in English, why couldn't the girls be here with me?

Somedays he would leave me alone but I guess today's not that day because I could feel tugging at my scalp. I roll my eyes and turn my head looking at him.

"What?" I asked obviously annoyed.

"Wass poppin ma? How ya doin?" He said with a smile.

"If you're going to talk to me at least speak proper English and use grammar. We are in English after all."

His smile slowly faded and he rubbed the back of his neck looking back down at his work. I roll my eyes once again and turn back around finishing the assignment ms.white gave us to do.

After an hour of torture the bell finally rang telling us it was time to leave. I quickly grabbed my things and head for the door but I got pulled back so see Kevin.

"What is it now?" He pulled out a piece of paper out of his back pocket and slipped it into my hands before walking away from me.

I unfold the paper and read:

I think we got off on the wrong foot, so here's my number maybe we can talk sometime.

347-206-3745 (I picked random numbers so if that's your phone number I'm sorry lol)
ps: peep that proper English though ;)

I shook my head and looked back up and he was smiling at me. I placed the paper in my back pocket and walked to my next class, art.

When i got there the girls were already at their seats talking, Kevin was in the back with two other boys named Devin and Daniel. Ari and nene are always talking about them.

I sat down besides them and put my stuff on the desk shifting my body in their direction.

"Hey guys." I said.

"Hey girl." The both said at the same time causing us to giggle.

"Kevin gave me his number, he said he wants to talk sometime." I knew deep down he probably just wanted to get into my pants but that's not happening ever. I pulled out the piece of paper and gave it to them.

"Why did he write peep the proper English?" Ari asked.

"I told him if he wanted to talk to me he would have to start speaking proper English. I understand that he wants to speak in slang but damn he doesn't have to sound so stupid."

Nene just shakes her head and laughs but soon stop, having a serous expression on her face.

"I have an idea."

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