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Twenty-six years later

Ms. White stood happily infront of her new freshman students. She picks up the folder on his desk with the seating chart.

"Hello students welcome to English, I see that you guys are seated already but I made a seating chart and no I will not change anything."

The class looked at her and groaned.

"Now now it's not all that bad. Jessie Nelson your going to be seated next to Jake Ryan." Ms. White continued to read the list of names as the students went into they're assigned seat.

"Sky Alston and Lucas Alexander sit in the back please." (Is seths last name alexander?? I feel stupid for asking this but I don't really know anything about him..)

Skye and Lucas take their assigned seats, a blush appeared on Skye's cheeks as Lucas kept staring at her, smiling.

"I'm Lucas, how ya doin gurl?"

"I'm Skye and if you want to talk to me you have to speak proper English."

Ms. White watched the two remembering exactly how Skye's parents acted the same way in her English class twenty-six years ago.

The end.

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