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nageyveda you asked for a longer chapter so here it is, hope you enjoy.

One chapter after this and the books over.

I just came home sweaty from the park playing a game of basketball with Seth. I explained everything to him about me and Kevin, he said he would back off only if we could still be friends of course I said yes to that, he wasn't a bad guy at all.

As I was walking through the house I seen rose pedals lead upstairs. I knew it wasn't mom or James because they just left yesterday for a whole week for alone time. Last time they had alone time James ended up getting my mom pregnant.

I followed the pedals and the stopped right in front of my bedroom door. I slowly twist the knob and walk in seeing a slim burgundy dress laid out on my bed with a cute little black clutch and a pair of tan heels in a box right beside it. I got closer and saw a note lying there too, I picked it up and began to read.

You're probably wondering why there were pedals lead up to your room or why these items are laying in your bed. You'll find out soon just get ready and follow the notes, that's how you'll find me and your surprise. Oh and you should really move your spare key it was easy to find.
-Kevin ❤️

I smiled widely shaking my head, this boy always doing the most but that's why I love him. I put down my bag and go into the bathroom, there was a white robe and a vanilla scented body wash and shampoo sitting on the counter with candles all around.

I turned on the shower and reached out letting the drops hit my fingers making sure it was warm enough for me to go in.

The sweaty clothes slid off my body as I pulled them off and stepped into the tub letting the water splash against my skin, I walked further into the water letting it run through my hair all the way down to my back.

I grabbed my rag and the body wash and start to spread it all around my skin, I rinsed off and grabbed the shampoo lathering it into my hair then I rinsed that out too.

I turned off the water and stepped out, putting on the robe and trying the string around me. I quickly blow dry my hair and straighten it, I also brush my teeth again making sure it didn't stink.

I walk back into my room and start to get ready, I put on my dress and heels then went over to my dresser applying my makeup.

I stare at myself and smile, I looked pretty damn good if you ask me and this dress shapes out my body perfectly showing off every curve. [makeup and outfit above]

From the corner of my eye I could see a paper hidden in the side of the mirror, I reach over and grab it.

You probably just finished getting ready because if you didn't you wouldn't be able to find this note but anyway there is a driver waiting for you downstairs so you can find the notes easier, hurry don't wanna keep him or me waiting.
-Kevin ❤️

Driver? I go over to my window and look out seeing a man leaning against a limo I guess waiting for me. I grab my clutch, phone and jacket placing it over my arm and rush downstairs and out the door.

I walk to the driver and he smiles at me and opens the door.

"hello, I'm jay and I'm guessing your kehlani Kevin's always talks about you. I'll be your driver today and also you look very beautiful."

"Thank you Jay." I said getting into the car looking around. He closed the door and jogged over to his side getting in then we were off.

I heard something crinkling under me, I got up and saw it was another note.

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