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I was sleeping peacefully when I heard my phone go off repeatedly, at first I tried to ignored it but the person who was calling wouldn't stop.

I rolled over and reached for my phone answering the call without looking at the name.

"Who are you and why the hell are you calling me." I say obviously annoyed.

"Aw my baby woke up on the wrong side of the bed." The voice sounded familiar, Kevin. I smiled widely when he called my baby but it soon went away when I looked at the time.

"Why are you calling me at two o'clock in the morning? We have school in a few hours and I need sleep!" I whisper yell.

"I got bored and lonely and decided to come over so could you open the bottom door."

He has to be kidding me.

"No. Go home and go back to sleep."

"I brought snacks." He sang-songed

Now that got me fully awake. "I be right there." I quickly but quietly got out of my bed and tipped toed past my moms room rushing down the stairs to open the door.

"Oh but you open the door for snack." He said rolling his eyes.

"Shut the hell up and get inside." I say grabbing his shirt pulling him in and closing the door.

"Bossy I like it." He licked his lips and winked at me, placing his hand on my waist pulling me into a hug. I automatically hug back. I felt safe in his arms but I remembered this is just for the plan and pull away.

"Cmon but be quiet don't want my mom to wake up." He nodded his head and followed me back to my room. I turned on the tv and sat back on my bed and he laid next to me.

"Where are the snacks?" I ask looking around for a bag.

He sat up rubbing the back of his neck and chuckling nervously. "about the snacks, I lied because I knew you would let me I if I said that."

"You're a jerk, you know that?"

"But I'm your jerk." He said smiling.

"you wish."

He got in front of me pushing me down lightly and pinning my arms to the bed as he hovered over me. He bit down on his bottom lightly as he looked me up and down.

"You're so beautiful, you don't need any makeup why do you use that stuff? It's covering up your natural beauty. Look at you with your hair in a messy bun with a bare face wearing sweat pants, that's where the true beauty is at."

He leaned down but I turned my face causing him to kiss my cheek softly. I looked up at him as he brushed a piece of my hair out of my face.

He lightly traced my lips with his finger tip, he cupped my cheek and caressed it ever so lightly causing tingles to rush down my spine.

Kevin looked into my eyes and leaned down again but this time I let him kiss me.

And it was amazing.

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