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We were all sitting in our seats drawing quietly for a project Mr. Richards said we had to do. He said we had to draw something or someone we love, I'm drawing my mom, well attempting too.

I actually started to concentrate but our principle Mr. Mazza came walking through the door with a boy right beside him. I'm not going to lie the boy was pretty cute but only Kevin has my heart even though we're not dating.

"Sorry to interrupt Mr. Richards," Mr. Mazza said looking at Mr. Richards then back at us.

"You guys will be having a new student joining your class today, introduce yourself boy."

The boy looked up at us and his eyes met mine, his lips curved into a beautiful smile I couldn't help but smile back.

"Hey, I'm Seth." He said not taking his eyes away from mine, I quickly look back down at my drawing.

"Seth you can take a seat right next to kehlani, kehlani please raise your hand." I look up again and see that the principal was gone, I slowly raise my hand. Seth walked to the desk to me and sat down.

I picked up my pencil to start drawing again but I felt a tap on my shoulder, I look over and see Seth facing me.

"So you're kehlani." He said licking his pink lips then smiling.

"Yup that's me." [i read that in ravens voice 😭😂]

"I just wanted to tell you that I think you're very beautiful. Haven't seen a girl as pretty as you."

I could feel my cheeks beginning to get warm but I used my hands to cover my cheeks.

"Thank you."

"No problem babe, I was wondering if you could show me around school because ya know I'm new."

I nodded my head agreeing to that idea. I heard someone clear their throat rather loudly, I looked behind me and seen a irritated looking Kevin, he was glaring at the back of seths head.

I rolled my eyes and focused back on Seth, he was telling about his old neighborhood and why he moved. His mom remarried and moved in with his step father, just like me.

Kevin kept whispering my name to get my attention but I knew he was only doing that so I wouldn't talk to Seth. He even through paper balls but I ignored it.

Class was almost over and we all started to pack away my things but nobody left yet. Seth came closer to me opening his arms, I leaned in and hugged him just because it was the nice thing to do.

"Hey kehlani, I know we just met and everything but I was wondering if you wanted to hang out on Saturday ya know to get to know each other better, maybe even a date?" Seth asked with hopeful eyes.

All of a sudden the sound of a book slamming against the desk gets mine and the rest if the class's attention. I look up and see a very pissed off Kevin breathing heavily, he grabbed his stuff expect for his drawing and left the room.

I reach over turning the paper over to see an almost done drawing of me. My eyes widen, he could of drawn something he loved or anyone else he loved but he choose me.

I take the paper and slide it into my binder looking back at Seth.

"I'm sorry." I grab my things and go after Kevin. I didn't have to go that far because he was sitting against the lockers that weren't too far front the classroom door.

I sat infront of him but he didn't look up at me, he was too busy staring at the tiled ground. I held onto his hands intertwining our fingers together. He looked up staring into my eyes.

"why are you mad Kevin?" I asked rubbing my thumb on the outside of his hand lightly.

"I'm not mad lani."

"You're lying Kev, what's wrong?"

"Shouldn't you be with Seth planning your little date?"

"I'm not doing on a date with him."

"He hugged you."

"You're mad that he hugged me?" I asked confusingly. It was only a hug nothing more nothing less.

"You don't get it, for a second, a damn second he was holding my whole entire world and he didn't even know it. You're mine and only mine lani."

"I'm yours and only yours."

I lean forward and peck his lips softly. The bell rang telling us it's time for our next class. Me and Kevin got up with our fingers still intertwined and walked to our next class.

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