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I didn't proof read so if there's any mistakes my bad.

There was a knock on my door, it was probably Kevin. I quickly hop off my kitchen chair and walk to the door opening it. Kevin stood there smiling with a bouquet of roses in his hand.

"Hey kehlani, these are for you." I took the flowers from him and brought them to my nose smelling them.

"Thank you but you shouldn't have." I walk to my kitchen gesturing him to follow. I reach up on my toes trying to reach for a cup.

Kevin comes up close behind me, pressing himself into my back. I could feel his soft lips brush against my neck and then they were gone.

"Here's a cup." I turned around and we were face to face, an inch apart. Kevin had a smirk on his face as I took the cup away from him.

I rolled my eyes and pushed him back filling the cup with water and putting the flowers in. Then I walked outside to the car.

Kevin followed right behind me then went infront of me opening the door for me. I say a quiet "thank you" and get in.

Kevin closes the door and jogs to his side getting in. He starts the engine and smiles, folding his fingers around the wheel.

I reach over and turn the radio on then lean back while Sex You Back To Sleep by Chris brown blast through the car.

Kevin looked over at me and smirked again and began to sing, reaching over touching my face, "Just let me ride, sex you back to sleep, girl."

I slapped his hand away and changed the station, which only made him groan.

"Why'd you do that?"

"Because you're not going to sex anyone back to sleep now keep your eyes on the road."

He just shook his head and grinned.

* * *

We were in the lobby I was getting the snacks and Kevin went over to ticket booth. I got popcorn and a lot of candy, the usual. After I got everything I walked over to Kevin.

"What movie are we watching?" I asked.

"The boy." I looked at him nervously.

"What's the matter babygirl?"

"I don't like scary movies."

"It's alright ma, I gotchu," He smiled widely showing his teeth. "Cmon"

He linked arms with me and we walked to the movie doors. We quickly and quietly found our seats.

About forty minutes into the movie I was hiding into Kevin's chest. Apparently he thought it was funny, his laugh was loud and obnoxious but it was cute. People around us kept shushing him, not that I blamed them.

"Kevin shut up you're going to get us kicked out with that laugh of yours." I whispered yelled at him.

He just picked up a handful of pop corn and threw it at me. Rude.

I move from his chest and lean back into my hair with my arms crossed. He kept poking my cheeks trying to get my attention but I kept my eyes focused on the screen.

"Cmon ma, don't do me like that," He whispered, but I just ignored it. "Alright I see how it is I'll get you."

I rolled my eyes and I picked up my trash, leaving the movie. I could hear Kevin behind me yelling out my name, but I pretend like I couldn't hear him.

"Kehlani!" He yelled, I looked back at him, he looked pissed but I acted like I didn't care so I kept walking.

All of a sudden my body's being held against the wall and an angry Kevin is breathing heavily looking down at me.

His eyes weren't golden anymore they were dark. I never seen this side of him before, he was usually happy, laughing and making jokes or just being plain nasty never angry like this.

"Don't leave me like that again." He tightened his grip on me and moved closer. I guess he could see that I was getting scared because he let go and his anger began to fade away.

He moved away from me and looked at me sadly, "I-I'm sorry, I'll take you home now." He shook his head and turned away walking towards the exit.

I rubbed my arm and followed behind him.

* * *

The car ride was silent and uncomfortable, neither one of us dared to speak. Kevins eyes were glued to the road and his grip on the wheel kept getting tighter and tighter but I kept my mouth closed.

I wanted to know why he got so mad but I know it wasn't any of my business.

He pulled up to my house and I got out of the car. He didn't say goodbye or even look at me, I just walked to my door and turned to give him one last glance but he was already gone.

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