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I skipped English class going around looking for Kevin. He's been avoiding me today and I honestly don't blame him.

I haven't talked to Jhene all day either, ariella told me and Jhene that if we couldn't get along then she wasn't going to hang out with any of us, so I was alone.

If I didn't go through with this plan I wouldn't be in this mess, but I also wouldn't know how much of a sweetheart Kevin is and now I just messed with his heart.

As I'm walking I feel my body collide into someone else's. I look up and see that it's Devin, he didn't look to happy to see me.

"Sorry, do you know where Kevin is?" I asked. He didn't answer me for a while, just gave me a cold hard stare.

"Why should I tell you? You're probably just going to hurt my boy again."

"It's not like that Devin, whatever he told you it wasn't the whole story, I didn't mean t-."

"You don't have to explain anything to me that's all for Kevin and he sure doesn't want to talk to you."

"I know that could you just listen to me please? It's not like that I promise, I really do like Kevin." He just nodded his head, letting me know I could continue. I let out a sigh before speaking again.

"When I first came here Jhene and ariella were telling me that Kevin was a player and that he broke jhenes heart. She came up with a plan for me to make him like me so that I could break his heart so he would know how it feels. I went up to Kevin about the bet, you were there you heard. I didn't actually mean to catch feeling for him but i did, I couldn't control that. You can't control who you fall for Devin. I realized he wasn't a player instead he was the sweetest person ever. Jhene came to my house yesterday going off about how I liked Kevin and shit so i yelled back saying I didn't so she could back off. I didn't know he was going to be standing on the other side of the door listening. I didn't want to hurt him like that other girl did, it wasn't my intention. I've fallen for him, you have to believe me."

His facial expression softened, all the anger melted away from his face.

"I believe you lani, I don't know if kev will. You were the closest thing to a relationship for him, he hasn't had a stable relationship in a long time and he didn't bother trying until he met you. You better be pretty damn conniving because when kevins done with you, he's done."

"I know, I messed up bad. Do you know where I could find him though?" I asked hopefully, he just shook his head no.

"To be honest I don't know where he is, hopefully you find him. I gotta go I'm already late for class, good luck." He patted my shoulder lightly and went around me, walking off.

I continue walking until I see two people kissing on the stairway. At first I didn't think anything of it until I got closer and saw who it was.


He was kissing some girl from our science class. It felt like someone took a knife and just stabbed it through my heart. Now I finally understood how Kevin felt.

Kevin pulled away from the kiss and smiled down at her. She laid her head on his chest, that's used to be me and him.

He turned his head and looked straight at me. I guess he could see the pain in my face because he looked sad and sympathetic.

I just turned back around and walked away. I went to my locker and took everything out, putting my backpack strap over my shoulder.

I lost the boy I really like, my friends won't talk to me and now he moved on.

I closed the locker and headed out the front door, not caring that the school day wasn't over I just needed to get out of here.

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