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The girls came over early this morning and told me more about the plan as they rummaged through my closet throwing clothes all over my floor.

"Is this really necessary?" I groan throwing myself onto my bed, wrapped up in my towel. (With my bra and underwear on of course)

"Sit up! I just curled your hair what's wrong with you? And yes this is necessary." Ariella shouted as she threw a hanger at my body.

I sigh and sit up, rolling my eyes. "Are you guys almost done?" They both ignored me, now that was just plain rude.

After about ten minutes Jhene pulls out a white crop top and a black pencil skirt and Ari takes out my black and white Jordan horizons.

"It took you guys so long just to find an outfit that looked this simple?"

"Oh be quiet and put it on." Ari says, I get off the bed and do what I was told.

Ariella decided I needed a light touch of make up, which she gave me. I got up from the chair and walked over to my mirror admiring my body.

I'm not going to lie this pencil skirt really shapes out my body nicely.

"Enough staring at yourself it's time to go." Nene yelled as she rushed down the stairs with Ari right behind her. I grabbed my backpack, phone and headphones following right behind them.

* * *

It's almost lunch time and no sign of Kevin anywhere. I guess he didn't come to school today.

Maybe this is a good thing so now I don't have to go through with the plan but at the same time I wanted to see him.

"Earth to lani, are you there?" I blinked a few times and saw Ari waving her hand infront of my face trying to get my attention.

"What?" I asked confusingly.

"The bell rang, it's time for lunch and kevins here. I don't know why though the days basically over but that's good the plan can go on now." Nene said smiling.

"Yeah just great." I mumbled as we packed up our stuff and walked towards the lunch room doors.

I could see Kevin at the table laughing about something with his friends through the window.

"Are you ready lani?" Ari asked looking at me. I nodded not trusting my voice. I pushed open the door and walked in.

I took in a deep breath and slowly let it out, closing my eyes and reopening them trying to calm my nerves down. I looked back at jhene and ariella, both waving their hands telling me to keep going.

I nodded and blocked out all negative thoughts and walked over Kevin's table with fake confidence.

I cleared my throat once I was behind him, causing his "crew" to all look at me. He was the last one to look at me but when he did, he liked his lips and smirked. I mentally rolled my eyes.

"Wasss poppin ma?" Kevin said giving me that million dollar smile that made all the girls drop to their knees.

I looked him up and down and bit my lip softly before speaking. If this plan was going to work I would have to play the part.

"Nothing really, I heard you were a player so let's play a game."

"I'm listening." He turned his whole body so he faced me.

"Let's sweet talk, play fight, talk 24/7, lets tell each other good morning and night everyday, let's take walks together, give each other nicknames, hangout with each others friends, go on dates, talk on the phone all night long, hold each other and kiss and hug, but whoever falls in love first loses."

"What do I get when I win." He asked.

"You can get anything you want IF you win."


I leaned down to his ear and nibbled on it lightly then whispered, "anything."

I stood back up straight and walked away swaying my hips a little more than usually just because I knew he was watching.

"This is going to be one hell of bet." I mumbled to myself as I walked over to the girls.

"You did amazing!" Ari squealed. I faked smile, I knew something bad was going to happen throughout this plan but I didn't want to let my girls down so I shut my mouth.

"Yeah, I guess I did, didn't I?"

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