Unnoticed: Chapter 5

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Unnoticed: 5th Chapter!

So where did we leave last chapter? Oh, yes, that's right, mysterious boy Sam Brewster comes out of the blue and kisses an even more confused Michelle. She's now got 4 guys in her life. Which one will she (or can she) choose? The big lead up to the prom might be more exciting and hotter than it could be, especially when Becca's new side takes over. Sam and Michelle, Nate and Michelle, James and Michelle or Kyle and Michelle?? Not to mention, Michelle's first major party invite.


Maths. Finally it's maths. I'd been waiting for this lesson all week. Gosh I sound like a freak right now! Who waits for math? Well, now I do because of this . . . Sam Brewster coming out of nowhere and then kissing me for now reason at all! I don't even know that guy! He said he knows me, but does he really? Pfft, nobody knows me, I mean apart from that whole Mimi, Nate thing but that was like 3 weeks ago! I took a deep breath. I had to calm down. I looked at my reflection in the window. I can't even believe I got all dressed up just for him. I don't even know that guy! Then again, maybe that's why . . . I do look kinda pretty though. I mean, I actually sorta made an effort. I wore more makeup than I usually do (none), I actually wore HEELS. They were these cute black pirate boots right and i just found them and I thought, Why not? I wore light blue denim skinny jeans tucked into the boots and a purple fitted, plaid shirt. My hair was out as usual and this time my black headband was behind my full fringe. Then I got angry at myself again. I should've been doing this for Nate not for . . . Sam. The formal was already this Satrday. The girls and I had arranged everything. Sleepover on Friday, pampering and a makeover until the formal then we'd all split a limo together. That is expcept for Nate and I. He thinks that my senior friends don't like him. When he told me I laughed it off even though it is actually true. I was excited. I haven't been to a sleepover since lik year 6 and that wasn't exactly what i call fun. We sorta just slept. I mean yeah you need to because hello, SLEEPover, but I mean, I've always imagined, Truth or Dare, Would You Rather, secrets, pillow fight, midnight snacks and just plain styaing up until we collapse and fall asleep.

Then I saw him. Walking in with darnk denim slightly fitting/baggy jeans. A fitted black shirt to accentuate his muscles, sneakers that I suspect were white once now turned into a browny grey. A mop of messy brown hair. A smug/annoyed look on his gorgeous face topped off with emerald eyes. Gosh he looked hot. And gosh was his name Sam Brewster. His eyes slid to the corner to meet mine. Crap, he knew I was staring but was that so bad? A little smile played on his perfect lips. Then he turned around and sat down. Oh yeah that's right, class. I walked in, books clutched close to my chest, scanning the room for the best possible seat. That happened to be next to Sam Brewster. I walked past a schocked Becca and sat right down next to him. Oh crud, Becca. I forgot she was in my maths class. Like most of the classes in our school thing weren't determined by our age really. Like in maths I'm super smart so I moved up to year 11 class A. Becca, who's in year 12, is a tad bit more unfortunate than everyone in her year 12 maths class C and was moved down to year 11 A. She didn't even make it into the honours class. I suspect Sam Brewster is REALLY smart like me (I kind of doubt it since any other boy that's smart is a nerd and loves maths) or in year 11.

Sadly when I sat down he sorta didn't take notice of me. When he said 'i know you more than you think I do' I would've thought that he was a stalker and stalkers have obsessions and obessions lead to staring, right? As usual I wasn't right because who in the world would have an obsession with me? Here's tha answer: NO ONE. So again I'm silly enough to think that. Mr. Prite walked in and started babbling about whatever the hell it was he babbled on about. As usual I couldn't understand his writing on the whiteboard and i didn't understand a word he said. He was a great old teacher, very nice too, but sometimes he explains things over and over again but you still wouldn't understand. A piece of paper then slid onto my table. It read:

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