Unnoticed Chapter 4

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Unnoticed Chapter 4

Sigh. The formal is now only one week away. Nate's already asked Michelle, but will the girl get any more invites? Is she on better terms with Mimi now? Has she told James about that kiss with Nate, the one she took freely, at the same spot where James kissed her and, sob, got rejected? How about Kyle and his gang? Is that going somewhere? And since Nate and Michelle have been dating for a week or so, have they told anyone, yet? Girls, shopping, boys, kisses and . . . broken hearts?


One week Later.

I can't believe it. One more week and I will be in his arms. Holding me tightly in the slow songs and maybe something special afterwards? It's a shame though. James doesn't know. I haven't told him. I mean, what can I do, say 'Hey James, I made out with Nate on Saturday and now I'm going out with him. Oh and I rejected you because I don't like you that way but I like Nate in that way,"? I know he'll find out on his own though.

"Earth to Michelle! I was wondering if you'd like to go shopping for the formal dresses after school today with Becca and I?" Kacey asked when she finally had my attention.

"Yes! Exactly what I was thinking about! So who are you guys going with?" I asked in return.

"I'm actually playing at the gig with my band. The band and I. But the DJ will play some music too so we can dance and crap. Like I'm gonna do that! Since no one asked me though, I sadly had to go with that red headed leprechaun over there," she said in a bored voice pointing to Michael.

Becca tinkled her light little laugh. "Well, I'm going with . . . drum roll please! Michael stop it! Luke Hensworth! Isn't that like . . . COOL?! Gosh, I am, like, sooo excited. He said he's totally gonna rent a limo for like all of us or something and then we'll all carpool. You can come too!"

Michael scoffed. "Hensworth? C'mon Becca. You can't take that guy seriously! Why do you think his last name is like that? It's 'cause his worthy of hens not actual human beings. Just go with Kyle, we all now he doesn't have a date yet." Becca raised a neatly plucked eyebrow at him and then whipped her head around to face Kyle.

"Dude, I told you not to tell anyone! I mean, pfft, I soo have a date. What are you talking about Michael?" Kyle retorted.

"C'mon, Kyle. I already told you to go with Rachel Haines, who is like totally your type! Brunette, hot, not skinny but not too curvy, sporty, funny, cute etc. etc. I'm sure she's be willing to go with you. I mean, even Michelle already has a date. The formal is one week away Kyle. ONE!" Michael urged.

"Fine. I'll ask her. You do know if I get turned down we're not gonna go to Vegas next weekend, right? No strippers, no booze, no clubs, no nothing. Who's your date Michelle?" Kyle threatened/asked.

"Strippers?" Kacey asked, narrowing her eyes at Michael. Michael just accusingly looked at Kyle. Who was looking at me. Who was looking at Becca. Who was . . . looking at the floor with her head cocked to the side with a slightly confused look as if saying 'what's the floor doing there?'. Ummm, ok.

I chuckled a little. Then remembered that Kyle was still expectantly looking at me. "Ummm. Nate. We . . . patched things up I guess. James is going with Izzy. Who knows who'll Mimi hook up with that night, if she's even going. She's into the whole club night, one-night-stand thing. Believe me I've heard. Like, HEARD," I said nervously. I chucked in that extra piece of crap about Mimi (which is true) to throw them off. Don't think it worked though when they all simultaneously said "NATE?!" Then Becca going "What about fate? Do you really think it's true? I mean I sorta believe it but you gotta . . ."

"Seriously, Michelle? After what he did? Are you sure you can actually trust him?" Kacey asked.

"Well . . . we patched things up that Saturday. I mean, I remembered why I liked him so much. And it wasn't really his fault," I explained.

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