Unnoticed Epilogue

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10 Years Later

I moved slowly, being careful not to wake him up. I was just about to get up off of the grand bed but his strong arms tightened around my naked waist. He moaned a little and I chuckled. I turned around and there he was. God, he looked hot with bed hair. His eyes slowly opened. He pulled me in a little more closer, trailing kisses from my neck up to my lips.

"You know I'm turned on but I'm meeting Izzy in about an hour," I told him. He groaned and gave me a last deep kiss. He held up my hand and looked at the big rock he just gave me last night. I admired it one more time. "Thank you. I love you," I giggled. He put his fingers through mine and kissed me once more.

"I really have to go," I laughed, reluctantly pulling myself away from him.

I took a quick shower and changed into a figure hugging pair of jeans and a glamorous top with an embellished chest. He was still in bed when I finished towel-drying my hair. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek as I ran out of the apartment before he could bring me down again.

I slid open my phone and called Izzy. "Hey Iz, just made my way out, I'll meet you there soon," I said leaving a quick message.

I hailed a taxi and told the middle aged man with a Mexican accent to go to the Pleasantview cemetery. With that he sped off.


Izzy, like I predicted, was already there. Clutching her chest and looking at his grave. I came up behind her and patted her shoulder. She gave a little jump then acknowledged my presence by turning around. She smiled solemnly and stepped back.

"I miss him so much," she said in a broken voice. I hugged her and looked at the tomb stone resting in front of us, showered with flowers.

It read: "James Jonathan Cass - Beloved son, brother and friend. 1992 - 2009"

Izzy hugged me just as I started to tear up. I never answered him. Never said, "I love you, too." I was too late. Kyle, Becca, Kacey and even Michael tried to console me but . . . I stopped myself with the depressing flashbacks. I had to focus on now. I sighed and invited Izzy out to One-Twenty-Two Cafe.

We chatted. WE were definitely on better terms after Izzy was hospitalized and James was . . . not. Everyone gave me sympathy especially the other two that confessed their feelings for me.

"So, how's Kyle?" Izzy asked suddenly.

"Fine. We don't talk as much since he's studying to be a doctor for what seems to be centuries. I'm pretty sure he still has free time though. I'll send you his number 'cause I just left my phone at home," I laughed.

"Talking about home, how's . . . ?" Izzy trailed off.

"He's great, we're great," I said, showing her my ring.

"Wow! Well done! How? When?" Izzy asked escitedly.

"Just last night. Well it was very romantic. For him. Well, we were at the park walking along the sea. It was by the moonlight and then I told him. He was surprised but he got down and proposed. I think that was his plan before I told him," I explained, laughing.

"Finally! I thought you'd never tell him! Seriously though, last night? You left him on his lonesome because of me?" She asked.

I nodded. "Well go back there! Actually, stay right here," she said suddenly, stopping to look behind me. I followed her gaze to him. Gosh he looked even hotter than he did this morning. I stood up as he came over.

"Hey, Mrs. Sam Brewster," he greeted me, his silky voice hugging every word. "Hello little one," he said, rubbing my tummy. I smiled and gave him a PG rated kiss.


There you have it!! Hope you liked the ending. It was actually just 5 years later but then I realised that having a baby at 21 is a little bit weird. So yeah, tell me what you think! Sorry the last one was a bit crap. It was really rushed 'cause I was about to leave and I wanted to finish it. Well, that's the end!


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