Unnoticed: Chapter 2

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This is the 2nd chapter for Unnoticed. Sorry it took a while but I'm finished now. Sorry if it's bad. Please comment and vote!!



Chapter 2: The New Girl

There's a new girl in town and she's definitely causing a stir between Nate and Izzy. But is it for better or for worse?


Today (well, tonight really) my mum's friend from college just flew in from Japan. She's going to be living with us until she can find a job and get settled. She stays in the guest room. She also brought her teenage daughter along with her. I thought she was really pretty. Long eyelashes, high and big cheekbones, nearly squinty eyes, a full bottom lip and straight - ish blacky - violet hair (which I'm pretty sure was dyed). Her mum was pretty too but . . . well, she sort of looked like a cat and I mean the in the nicest possible way.

"Akiko! I'm so glad you're here! Finally. Wow, what has it been? 10 years?" My mum asked in amazement, walking over to hug Akiko.

Akiko's daughter was leaning on the counter in the kitchen with her arms crossed over her body and a frown on her face.

"Ah, yes. It has been 10 years. You look so gorgeous! And is this your daughter? Wow, just like Greg, eh? Oh, right . . . ummm, this is my daughter Mimi, her dad's . . . well, resting in peace. Mimi, introduce yourself," Akiko ordered Mimi in a slight jumpy and japanese accent. Greg? My dad's name was Greg? I had never known my dad. Mum said that "he left before you were even born."

"Uhhh, hi. I'm Mimi. Junior, in highschool (year 10), so I guess I'll be with you then," she said in a bored voice nodding her head to me.

"Akiko, you can go to the guest room if you want. It's the first on your right," mum pointed. Akiko left with her luggage and Mimi shortly and slowly trailed after her.

"Honey, about your father. Don't worry about him ok? You shouldn't need to. So, will you show Mimi around the school and guide her?" Mum asked. She didn't really need to, she knew that I'd say yes, what else could I say?

I wouldn't worry about dad, or 'Greg', he doesn't know me, I don't know him. Like my mum said, I don't need to worry about him. Soon Mimi came out of the hallway and just stood there looking . . . bored, there's no other way to put it.

"Hi! I'm Michelle, ummm, I have to show you 'round at school tommorrow. You can meet all my friends, Izzy, James and," I took a deep breath, "Nate."

"Yeah, ok, whatever," she said walking off, her arms still crossed.

The next day Mimi and I both got ready for school. Soon I heard James's car horn and I told Mimi about James as we walked out.

"James! Hey, this is Mimi, my mum's friend's daughter. Mimi this is James, my friend," I introduced.

"'Sup, Mimi," James greeted casually.

As usual Mimi had her arms crossed, but this time, she didn't look bored, she looked intrigued, interested and she was smiling! Wow, James is on a roll. First with Paige, now with Mimi. He's sure to get a date for the up coming prom. Well not up coming, it's like far, far away, but still. At our 15 minute break time (James and I named it "Lunch 1" and lunch was . . . well, just lunch) I introduced Mimi to everyone. I wonder what Nate thought. Did he like her? I mean, he kept smiling at her. I'm pretty sure Mimi like James though. She talked to him straight away. He laughed and she laughed and we laughed. Izzy just glared though, not at me, at Mimi.

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