Unnoticed: Chapter 3: New Beginnings

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New Beginnings?

Michelle was pretty freaked when James kissed her. She was pretty sure she couldn't look at him again. Ever. But the next day after avoiding him the whole day she stops and thinks, "James would be cool right? We're still friends. He's totally ok with it." Is she right? Will things go back to normal? That new girl, best friend or worst enemy? What about Izzy? And what about her "friendly" one-on-one gathering - well I guess I could call it a date - with Nate, the guy of her dreams?


I sighed. There it was. The beep. James was here. What was he gonna say? "What the hell Shell?" Hey that rhymed! But anyways. What was he gonna say?

"Ummm, honey. If you haven't noticed the guy that kissed you two days ago has been beeping for a while now. Hesitating? Oh, c'mon Shelly dearie, just get in. He'll forgive you, James is cool like that. And hot like that. C'mon, you know I'm taking the bus, what are you waiting for?" My new unofficial friend, Mimi asked, urging me to go into James's car. Did I really want to though? Did I? I chewed on my bottom lip. All that . . . stuff. Would it come between us? God, sooo many questions but no answers!

"Look. I know what you're thinking. Questions about what's gonna friggin' happen? Why don't you go OUT there and FIND OUT? Go on!" Mimi urged. I looked at her hesitantly. But she was right. As much as I hated and liked her at the same time, she was right. I nodded strongly and headed out the door. I walked to the beat up old car. My heart beating crazily, banging into my rib cage. Soon I was at the car. James looked up questioningly. I smiled nervously and opened the door.

"Hey. I was wondering when you'd come. I was like beeping for ages I was wondering if you were all a) dead b) gone def or c) going def by my beeps. Look . . . I know about that . . . thing, it was out of line and I should've considered how you felt. Don't mind it. It's totally cool, you know if you don't wanna talk about it. . . now, but, well, I do want to talk about it, soon."

I nodded nervously and also sighed with relief. I mean I was glad that he let it go and everything and stuff was back to normal but . . . well, there was still that issue about the "talk". What would we be talking about?

We arrived at school 10 minutes before the bell rang. Just as I was twisting the combination to unlock my locker a shadow came behind me. I gasped and swivelled around, my hair touching my shoulders as I did.

"Hey, Mish. We still on for tomorrow?" A quite ravishing Nate asked leaning on the locker next to mine, pushing a hand through his light brown hair.

My heart started thumping loudly in my chest I was scared I might have a heart attack or worse, Nate might hear it and finally find out I liked him . . . alot. My voice didn't seem to be working so I just gulped and nodded quickly then looked at the red circular clock hanging above the doors. 5 more minutes of intense heart beating.

"Ok, cool. I'll see ya in English," he said waving gently, walking away, his tight-ish black t-shirt spread across his broad shoulders and sneakers squeaking slightly.

"Phew!" I breathed out my heart slowing down, beat by beat. Wow, if I get this nervous when he's just talking to me in the hallway at school for, like, 1 minute then what would happen if we were drinking coffee for half an hour? Watching a movie for 2 hours? Having a romantic, candle-lit dinner then a walk along the beach, then maybe . . . ? Well, ok, I have to face facts, the last would probably not happen, but a girl could dream, right? I clutched my history and thick math text books closely to my fitted tee. I am acting like such a little school girl with a humongous crush on some superstar. Except Nate isn't a superstar and I'm not a little school girl and that's what makes it so bad. I don't know why I'm only starting to feel like this now. When he was with Izzy and barely noticing me I was totally, totally fine . . . and now . . . I don't know. I grunted and sighed heavily as the school bell echoed into my ears, ringing high-pitched and louder than usual.

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