Unnoticed: Chapter 1

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Sorry about the prologue. I thought the /par thingy was supposed to be there. turns out not. Well this is the official First Chapter! I hope you enjoy!


I sat up on my bed, pushing the covers off of my legs. I sat there looking out the window, the sunlight streaming in. Would today be another day to get through? Would Nathan EVER notice me? I sighed. I had to stop obsessing. Whenever I watched films or shows where I woman would cry over a guy I'll always tell myself "I'd never let a man make me feel like that, never," so what am I doing? I shook my head, hoping those thoughts would be shaken away. My bare feet touched my warm yellow carpet as I stood. I walked into the bathroom preparing myself for the day.

*Beep* *Beep*

"Yeah! I'll be out in a minute!" I called out, "Bye ma!" I said running out the door.

"Hey, James," I greeted.

"'Sup, Shell," he replied.

James and I carpooled ever since he got his Ps. Ever since, he has been showing off to us (mainly me though since he only picks and drops me off) that he could drive. HIs car was pretty old and cramped but it beat the bus anyday! He also repainted it so it wasn't really that bad.

We arrive at school 10 minutes before the bell would ring.

"Thanks, James. I'll see you at . . . ugghh, sport," I said as I took out my timetable. I've had the same timetable since the start of the year but I still couldn't remember what I had next. It was mainly the reason why I hate highschool. It's sooo confusing!

He smiled and nodded and we seperated ways to our lockers.

I reached my locker without any hassle. 'Hassle' being bumping into Ashley Miller with/or her posse of fembots. I reached in and grabbed my books. I turned around and oh, HASSLE. I rolled my eyes and pushed through the girls. I could feel one of the girl's death stares boring into the back of my head. Then the bell rang.

First I had history with Mr. Hansen. The only friend (?) I ad in that class was Izzy. Well, she might not think of me as a friend, but I do!

I loved Mr. H's classes. I mean, yeah he was a crazy old man mumbling on and on abot history but he taught us life lessons. The things that he's experienced. How to deal with things when they go bad. Usually his stories weird out and confuse everyone but I think I understand what he means . . . most of the time. Like, his wife, they only got together after their second marriages with each other's siblings. I mean, that information would be really usueful to us when we marry the love of our lives' siblings and . . . yeah, ok, it's not that useful.

Next was sport. I hated sport. Detested it. It's one of the most useless subjects in the world! Like music and art. I mean yeah it's sorta important, but . . . yeah, I suck at music and art. But with sport you can't suck at it, sport is just . . . just, BAD. At least I had James with me though. Our school was a bit different. For sport we had treadmills so the teacher could go mark stuff. I sorta prefered something like Dodgeball though, rather than running 1 hour straight.

As usual I fell off my treadmill. Miss B didn't even care! That is actually her name, Miss B. I don't call her Miss B . . . behind her back. Her name's Miss Benningham. Moving on. And as usual James stayed on making jokes and laughing. Ok, maybe he wasn't perfect.

I walked around our coupled treadmills and looked out the window. It was pouring again.

"It's raining," I stated. I usually state the obvious.

"Oh, no! Really?!! I totally did NOT notice!" James said sarcastically.

I laughed and checked the clock. 5 minutes until our 15 minute break. "I'm gonna change back now, see ya," I called over my shoulder, walking to the girl's showers.

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