Unnoticed Chapt. 6 *Final Chapter*

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Unnoticed: Final Chapter!

People. Party. Pashing. Prom. Pictures. Sam. Nate. James. Michelle is in an utterly confused and dazed haze. Who will she pick? And, yes, the prom is here. Hopefully no more surprises for innocent Michelle?? Or will fate just be mean and take away her happiness? Just when Michelle thinks she's fine, it all goes wrong. Boo-hoo. I don't really care though and neither does karma. I mean, who can cheat on their boyfriend AND get away with it?


I looked around for Kacey. I hadn't seen her all night. Part from the public making out at the party. I hope she was finished with Michael. I would so not want to walk in on anything. Not only because it would be rude but incredibly, INCREDIBLY gross. I looked down at my attire and sighed. I would change, because, HELLO embarrassing much? But everyone's already seen it so whatever. I heard some loud wooting from above and looked at Becca dancing on the table and one guy who was brave enough step on and dance with her. I laughed and continued my search.

I walked up the glamorous tiled staircase and was amazed by the modern hallway. It was all just doors. Plain, but magnificent, solid, wooden doors. I opened the first on my right and -

"Oh my god! What the hell are you doing here Michelle? Get off me, Michael!" Kacey screamed, pushing the covers up to her chest. Oh god. Why? Why?

Michael just chuckled. "Wanted to join, eh? Wait, your above 16 right?" He joked. I would've rolled my eyes but i figured the situation was too awkward for the gesture.

"Sorry. I should go, I was just . . . never mind. . . ummm, you can continue what you were doing before," I said nervously, excusing myself from the room. As I was closing the door I heard someone moving and Kacey shouting, "Off Michael! Moment's over!" I laughed and went back down stairs. Those two were so cute. I chuckled and wondered if Becca thought Sam and I were cute, walking in on us at that perfect moment.

Why am I thinking about Sam? I have a . . . ok, not perfectly ok boyfriend, but an ok one. Was ok enough though? I certainly didn't feel like I really liked him anymore. Well, I do, I guess . . . not as strongly or mysteriously like I felt about Sam. Sam's special though, he's different. I sighed. I was in such a state of confusiosity as Georgia Nicholson would say (Angus, thongs and full frontal Snogging). I hated it. Not knowing. Why couldn't someone just tell me?

"There you are!! Where's wonderful Sam? Thought you guys were attatched to the hip?" Becca asked, swaying her body at every syllable.

"We're not attatched to the hip. I have a boyfriend," I assured her. Or was I assuring myself?

"Still? Nate's such a loser though! He's mean and doesn't deserve you. Compare him to Sam, or even to that James guy of yours, he doesn't measure up does he?" Becca said. Why was she saying this? Everything was . . . fine before this party. Before everything. "I know what you're thinking honey. Your life is way better this way. With us. Yeah, next year we'll be at college or wherever but everyone will know you and you can start there! Or you can go to Sam, or James, but not Nate! He's so . . . clingy to popularity it's . . . unnerving. Now, c'mon, let's dance!" Becca invited. She strongly pulled my hand to the middle of the dance floor and started dancing wildly. I was surprised at her earlier words. I'd never heard her say so many long words before! I know that sounds mean, but come on! Becca!

I sorta just stood there and it took me about 5 minutes until I really loosened up and danced with her. Guys moved closer to us but to me they all just looked like Sam. Or James. Maybe even Nate. Then Kyle, actually I'm pretty sure that was the real Kyle seeing how he's actually here. I excused myself from Becca, doubting she saw or heard me as i disappeared into the bevy of hot guys.

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