Part 40 (1)

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40.1 Arya

With an empty tray in hand, I make my way back towards Seth's room. I've been gone for a mere half hour now, having talked to all the nurses I've befriended over the past few days and yet there's this magnetic pull inside me, urging me back to Seth's. There's only one more task I'll have to finish before finally getting back to him.

Seth's doctor, Leon McKendry as it reads on the name-tag attached to his white coat, is already waiting for me once I get back from handing out cake. He's wearing that mischievous smile that I'm sure he uses to his advantage more often than not. His hand is curled up into a loose fist as he holds it out to me. I try my hardest not to blush, clutching onto the tin tray.

"Just so you know, if it were anyone else asking for this, I would not allow it. I'm already walking on thin ice. This doesn't help." McKendry sighs, shaking his head. "You'll be careful, right?"

I can't keep from blushing now.

"I-I don't know what you think we'll be doing in there. It's innocent. I just want to give him his present. I want some privacy."

"Sure." With a roll of his eyes, he thrusts his fist forward and stretches out his fingers, revealing the metallic key in his palm. "For the record, if anything happens at all – you unlock that door before doing anything else. I don't care if he sneezes or if he squints his eyes funnily, open that door and call for help. Remember that this is a hospital."

The concern in his voice makes me rethink my plan. What if anything happens and I panic? Knowing myself, I'll probably freeze up and forget to open the door.

"Maybe this is too dangerous," I conclude. "Is this a really bad idea?"

"It's definitely not a good idea but I trust you. Seth is stable and if you two just want to spend some time together, I'm sure you'll be fine. The nurses know not to come in so if you want, you can leave to door open."

I weigh the options and take the key from the doctor's hand. He smiles and nods before disappearing down the hallway.

I could just leave the door open but with what I have planned, I couldn't risk anyone coming into the room. I wouldn't be able to let go of that embarrassment. There's no way I could step foot into this hospital again. So I shove the key into my bra and straighten out my red dress, pulling down the hem and adjusting the sleeves.

Taking a deep breath in, I shake off my anxiety and push open the door to Seth's room. Once I enter, the silence of the room engulfs me. Seth is awake and his eyes immediately find me. He sits up in his bed and I can tell from the look in his eyes that he wants nothing more than to get out of bed and walk towards me. Despite the crease in his forehead, he smiles as I approach him.

"I missed you." The words fill me with warmth.

"I wasn't gone long, was I?"

"As far as I know, each minute you're not with me is a minute you've been gone too long," Seth says seriously. "Come here."

Seth grabs onto my wrist and pulls me towards the bed. Simultaneously, he scoots over, creating a bit of space next to him. Careful not to hurt him in any way, I climb into the bed. I try my hardest to not put too much pressure on him but Seth isn't having it. He takes hold of my arms and pulls me to his side. I lose my balance and crash into his chest.

"Careful," I warn, sucking in air through my teeth.

"Screw careful!" Seth chuckles, his chest shaking beneath my head. "If I wasn't hooked up to this shit, I'd be doing much more than just hugging you!"

I tilt my head back to look at him. This is the perfect time to give him my present. As I reach for the key inside my bra, Seth's eyes drop to my cleavage and I can't help but blush nervously. I shouldn't be nervous with him! Yet here I am, acting as though this man has never seen me naked before.

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