Part 16

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16. Arya

When I wake the next morning, feeling Seth's strong arm draped over my body, a surge of dread rushes through me. Once more doubt fills me and I question last night's euphoria. Am I really making the right decision or am I succumbing to my own weaknesses.

"Your heart is racing." Seth mutters into my pillow. He turns onto his side, pulling me into his chest. As he slides his hands up and down my back, I notice the bandages sloppily wrapped around his palms.

"What happened to your hands?" I question, trying to distract myself from my doubts and concentrate on exactly what I have in front of me.


He grunts. His knotted brow shows that he is now relieving the incident and maybe even the pain in his hands. I snuggle closer to him, the heat of his skin embracing me. I place a single feathered skin on his chest. Seth shudders and grunts once more. His hands stop caressing my back. Instead one hand carefully holds onto the back of my neck and the other rests on my butt.

"Do you need pain meds?" My voice is barely a whisper.

"I need you to stay in bed with me." Seth answers bluntly, his right thumb starting to draw tiny little circles on my hip. A pleasure induced shiver runs through me and the corners of my mouth pull up into a smile.

My own hands start wandering now. His body, grown so familiar to me over the years, felt all new and exciting as my fingertips gently caress it. Starting from his chest, down to his slender waist and stomach, his hips and finally his strong legs. I occupy my mouth by kissing his neck, sucking on the most sensitive parts, making him moan quietly.

"What are you doing to me?" He breathes, grabbing my hands and stopping them from moving any further. Instead of answering, I tease his skin with my tongue, gently nibbling and sucking. Enjoying the slightly salty taste of his skin and enjoying just being here with him, forgetting my doubts and troubles, I start moving my hips against him softly.

At once, I dig my teeth into his skin just enough to cause slight pain and thrust my hips against his with a bit more pressure. He sucks in a sharp breath through his teeth and suddenly I'm an arm length away from him as he pushes me back, his eyes pleading.


He whispers, lacking the commitment to really mean it.

"Why not?"

"I don't want to r-rush things!" He stumbles over his own words as I manage to thrust my hips against his once more and giggle.

"You're not. I am. And I really want to rush things." I push his hands away and kiss him with all the passion I can muster. For a second he is taken a back as I hold his face in my hands, moving my lips against his but he somehow manages to regain his damn self-control.

"Arya, I'm serious." He admits, unable to make eye contact.


I push away from him and climb out of bed.

Mood officially ruined, I check the alarm clock by my bed. Still another hour until I'm supposed to be meeting with Erich and the others. Ignoring Seth's frustrated sighs, I grab a change of clothes and make my way towards the shower. Seth gives me time to shower and clean myself up without interruption but when I come out, seeing him still in nothing but his boxers, sitting on my bed, I know he's ready for confrontation.

"I need to go meet with my arts group. We haven't really been able to focus much... so, uhm, feel free to take a shower here but I'm leaving." As the words leave my mouth, Seth slowly turns his head, a glare fixed on his face. "What?"

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