Part 17

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Long chapter ahead!

Sexual content also ahead. Starting from the "~" so if you're not into that, feel free to skip it. You won't miss any of the storyline. 


The next few weeks pass in a haze of studying, preparing the art project and repairing my relationship with Seth. All three of those things were going swimmingly although Seth is still convinced that it's still too soon to have sex. How a man in his twenties can survive more than seven days without sex is completely beyond me... but he insists that we wait just a little longer.

Erich, Collin and Emma have been thoroughly avoiding the topic of my boyfriend and have instead been working extra hard on our upcoming work of art. After I had told them every single detail, meticulously planned out in my head, they were all in. At first I had doubted their commitment, considering the dangers coming alongside the actual art-piece we are going to be creating but there was no convincing them of the projects flaws – they are all in.

Seth made an obvious effort to balance soccer, classes and me. Attending most all of his classes, he would usually spend his spare time training, running or meditating over some book, trying desperately to get the meaning of it. In the evenings we always either meet in his or my room. He's made it a point to spend the nights together (no matter how many times we've been told not to do that).

Tonight is a big night. Finally I will be seeing Seth play again. After having been benched ever since he started college, the coach has promised to let Seth play this game. Apparently it is an important one too. Not only do I know this because of how many nights Seth had been lying awake – unable to fall asleep because of his nerves –but also because of how many students are starting to show up at the stadium. Some even brought banners, some are dressed in our school colors and some even managed to get their hands on proper jerseys.

Amber – who obsessively searched the field for her older brother – has come along with me, looking like an overexcited cheerleader in her short cut jeans and crop top in the school colors. Even her hair is tied in a high pony tail, held together by some shiny ribbon.

"There they are!" She exclaims, excitedly pointing her finger down at the field.

We have decided to sit with everyone else in the bleachers as to not distract our boys too much.

"Where?" I ask, squinting my eyes at all the players who have just jogged onto the field.

"Well Jackson is number 1 – he's over there stretching!" Amber shouts over the excited hoots and shouts around us. "Oh! There's your lover boy. Number 8!"

Finally I spot him and oh my god, does he look good. It must be the heat getting to my head, or the lack of close contact I've been getting from him but as he's running across the field, kicking a soccer ball in front of him, he looks like an absolute God!

"My god, he is so gorgeous!" Surprisingly these words don't come from my mouth. A girl, standing on the bleachers right in front of us, has turned to face me. Her group of friends agree, giggling annoyingly.

"Who is?" I question, trying to keep my calm.

You don't know if they're actually talking about him, I remind myself.

"Number 8 of course! You were just ogling at him as well, weren't you. He's a damn fine piece of ass but heard awful things about him." I lift an eyebrow at the girl in front of me, urging her to go on. Amber notices my tension and joins in.

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