Part 3

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3. Arya

Can we talk, please? -Seth

I put my phone aside and sigh. It's been a few hours since Jax has left my room but I haven't been able to stop thinking about what he's done. His approach was almost comically accurate to how male college students are portrayed. Horny, overly confident – cocky really and too good-looking for their own good.

I realize that he's doing this to get underneath Seth's skin. He seems like the kind of guy to get to someone by jeopardizing their relationship but I am not going to let this happen. I have been dealing with assholes all of my life. Not quite like this but even Seth started out very much like Jax and I dealt with him pretty well.

Grinning at the thought, I take my phone and text back.

Sure. When?

I'm down by the soccer field. You wanna come meet me there?

As I've had enough time to thoroughly study the campus map, I know that the soccer fields are only a few minutes away. Some fresh air will do me good... and I also really do miss Seth already. After having left like I did, I feel extremely guilty and am in serious need to talk. I've spent all summer away from him and I'm ready to leave that in the past.

Be there in a few.

Earlier I had changed into a pair of cut off shorts and a simple loose-fitting white top. Slipping my feet into a pair of flip flops and putting my hair into a bun, I leave the comfort of my room. As I shut the door behind me, I spot a girl, sitting in the hallway, staring down at her phone. She looks up at me and smiles brightly.

"The wifi is best in the hallway." She explains, holding up her phone.

"Will keep that in mind. Thanks." I say politely.

The girl gets up and holds out her hand to me. Her dark skin is glowing and her beautiful brown eyes glimmer even in this horrible hallway light. She's simply gorgeous.

"I'm Amber. Your new neighbour!" I take her hand and introduce myself. "If you ever need anything, feel free to come talk to me, ok?"

"Thank you, that's very kind."

"No problem! Us girls need to stick together, right?"


When Amber goes back to checking her phone, I hurry down the hallway towards the already opened elevator.

The walk to the soccer field feels as good as expected. Especially after having made a proper friend already. Not one that sexually harasses you after only knowing you for thirty minutes! I really need to get Jax off my mind and Seth on it. I'm getting closer to the field and can hear shouting already.

Seth forgot to tell me that he isn't alone.

The whole team is currently training.

As the sun has set already, floodlights are lighting up the huge field. I find a bench to sit on, that's hidden away a few feet away from the field but I've still got a good view of what's happening.

I spot Seth as he is in control of the ball, kicking it farther and farther ahead of him as he runs towards the goal in full speed. I can't help but smile. He is exuding confidence as he dribbles around opposing players and swiftly passes the ball to the players on his own team. They have clearly just split their team into two groups to stage a game as some of the guys aren't wearing shirts whilst the others are in their jerseys.

They're all shouting at each other and just watching them is exhausting.

The sharp sound of a whistle being blown cuts through the air and everyone stops running at once. I recognize Jax. Luckily he still has his shirt on as he calls the team together. They all huddle up and I can hear them shouting and hollering before they split up and head towards the showers.

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