Part 5

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5. Seth

I sink back into bed as Jackson enters the room. My head is still throbbing and the taste of blood in my mouth becomes more and more apparent by the second.

Some girl jabs her elbow into Jackson's side and he rolls his eyes, stepping into the room. He looks arrogant as ever and has my blood boiling without trying.

Arya squeezes my hand.

“I think we should settle this...” Jackson says as he pulls up a chair to sit next to my bed. Why doesn't he look half as hurt as me? There's a small cut below his eye. Two stitches hold the gash closed. I'm in a hospital bed, a searing headache rendering me incapable of moving.

“You think?” I snap, sitting up. Arya tenses up and I glance at her. To my surprise she looks angry. Furious even. Her hands are balled up into fists in her lap and she's glaring at Jackson.

“Look, man, there are rules. I told you this, the whole team, not just you. I can't make an exception just because you brought your chick with you!” Jackson crosses his arms in front of his chest, lifting an eyebrow at me.

“So do you usually harass strange girls just because they're your teammates girlfriend?!” Arya pipes up, her voice accusing. I snap my head around to look at her. Her eyes are teary and I can tell that she doesn't want to look at me. I reach out and put my hand on her shoulder, squeezing it gently. She still won't look at me.

Hearing the words coming from her mouth hurt much more than when I heard them from Jackson earlier. He had used them to piss me off. There was still some hope left that he was just making all of this up. After that one night , when I realized that there was more going on between Jackson and Arya, I tried to convince myself that I was making shit up. That I read the signs wrong. Now I had it confirmed from both Jackson and Arya.

“I did nothing to you!” Arya shrieks and the other girl comes to her side, hugging her.

“Calm down.” She whispers against her hair.

“Come on, I barely did anything.” Jackson tries to defend himself.

“What exactly did you do?” The girl snaps.

Apparently I'm not the only one who has been left out.

“Wait, who even are you?” I turn my attention towards the girl and she releases Arya from her arms.

“His sister.” She nods towards Jackson and my stomach turns. “Amber.”

“Alright. Ok.” I sigh and nod, ignoring the headache that makes it hard for me to focus. “Now what happened between the two of you?” I ask, rubbing my palm across my face and forehead.

Arya lets out a big sigh and finally turns to look at me again. Her face is apologetic and so sad, I want nothing more than to comfort her. “I swear it's not what you think at all. I don't know what he told you but I would never... never cheat on you. You know that. You've known me for so long. I would be the last person to do that to you.”

“You weren't exactly innocent.” Jackson snaps, getting out of his chair and brushing his hair out of his face.

“What do you mean?!” Arya jumps up as well. “How am I not innocent!?”

“You accepted my help! You didn't exactly move away either when I--”

“I don't need details!” I snap, holding my head.

“Nothing happened, Seth. He helped me with my stuff after I left your room. He carried my bags for me as I couldn't have done it on my own. We went to my room and that's when he came onto me. He had me pushed up against the wall and tried to kiss me but I turned my head in time so nothing happened.” Arya rambles, clearly frustrated.

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