Brian punched Blake in the face. Then Blake kicked Brian in the shin. I ran out of the room to go get Jackson. He was in the living room down the hallway with Tracy.

"JACKSON!" I yelled.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Blake and Brian are fighting and I can't get them to stop." I said. He stood up.

"Alex come with me." He said. "Tracy stay here."

"STOP IT!" Jackson yelled once he got to Blake's room. Brian and Blake stopped.

"Thank you Jackson." I said.

"I'm sorry." Brian said.

"Thank you." Blake said.

"I wasn't apologizing to you I was apologizing to Alex." Brian growled.

"Ok stop." I said. "You guys really scared me. I thought you were going to hurt each other."

"Blake you didn't apologize to Alex." Brian said.

"Sorry baby." Blake said looking extremely guilty.

"Don't call her baby she's not yours." Brian growled.

"Brian he's my mate." I confessed. Brian laughed.

"Is that what he told you?" He said still laughing.

"Come with me both of you now." Brian growled grabbing my hand.

We walked downstairs to where my parent's bedroom is.

"Mom, Dad we have a problem." Brian said. My parents looked confused.

"Ok what's the problem?" Miles asked.

"It seems like Brian here wants to steal my mate." Blake growled.

"She's not yours." Brian growled.

"Ok, ok everyone calm down." Alexis said. "Now if you guys can't figure out which of you is mates with Alex then we will do testing and decide that way."

"Fine but for now she's with me." Brian growled grabbing my hand and pulling me to his room.

"Can I sit?" I asked after he closed the door.

"Hey you don't have to be scared of me." Brian said.

"Ok." I said relaxing.

"Come here." He commanded. I got up and walked over to him. He took my hands in his and intertwined our fingers. Then put them down by our waists. He smashed his lips to mine. He unlocked our fingers and put his hands on my face.

"I love you." He whispered in my ear.

"I love you too." I said. I felt like I was Bella from Twilight. Blake was Edward and Brian was Jacob. But, I was always team Jacob.

"You know how long I've wanted you to say that." He said laying me down on the bed.

"Tell me when you want me to stop." He said.

"Brian I'm not-" I started but he cut me off.

"Baby I know I won't take it that far." Brian promised.

I couldn't believe I was laying in my bed kissing my sister. I loved her though I couldn't help it. My heart and my wolf wanted her and didn't want to lose her. I couldn't believe Blake tried to take my mate. He knew Alex was my mate so why he had his hands on her I don't know.

"Brian." Alex called out my name.

"Yes princess?" I asked.

"Do you want to watch a movie?" She asked.

"Yeah sure." I said. "What movie."

"You pick." Alex replied.

"Um, how about If I Stay?" I asked.

"You like romance movies?" Alex asked walking over to my bed.

"Yes they remind me of some people." I said. Alex came over and kissed my lips then my cheek then my neck and started sucking my sweet spot. I moaned.

"You like that Brian?" Alex asked me giggling then going back to my neck.

"A lot princess." I said. I flipped us over so that she was under me.

"I am always in charge." I growled. "Got it?"

"Yes." Alex replied.

"What's my name what is it?" I asked tickling her.

"Ok, ok yes King Brian." Alex said I stopped tickling her. That's what she used to call me when we were little.

"Alright then." I said gripping her waist. "Hey but if I'm a king your my queen."

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