I woke up and Alexis was already ready for school. I grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom.

After my shower I walked downstairs while Alexis was eating breakfast. She was on her phone texting so was Diana and Jasmine. Zack and David looked like they were about about to blow.

"They've been texting all morning." Zack said his fist clenched. Alexis laughed and showed Jasmine and Diana her phone they laughed too.

"He is so cute." Diana said.

"He is not cute he is smoking hot." Jasmine said. Zack looked like he was about to pass out.

"I agree." Alexis said seductively.

"We're done eating breakfast guys." Alexis said Jasmine, Diana, and her putting their plates in th sink. Alexis's phone rang she smiled at who was calling and answered.

"Hey." Alexis said.

"Hey beautiful." Some guy on the phone said. Alexis laughed.

"How long?" He asked.

"Give me like 15 minutes." Alexis said.

"Ok babe, bye." He said.

"Bye." Alexis said and hung up.

"Ok lets go." Diana said.

"Wait a minute who was that on the phone?" Zack asked.

"Nobody." Alexis said looking at Jasmine and Diana them all laughing.

When we got to their school there were three guys waiting for them.

"Bye." Jasmine, Diana, and Alexis said in unison.

"Hey wait a minute you don't kiss us goodbye anymore?" Zack asked. Diana, Jasmine, and Alexis walked back to us. We kissed the for like 3 minutes trying to show those guys who they belong to. The three of them walked up to the boys. Alexis didn't go to that Cody kid she went to the boy in the middle with brown hair. He kissed her cheek and she blushed.

"When did the two hotter guys get here?" David asked.

"I don't know man." I said.

I was in gym with Miles.

"Your mate looks like he wants to hurt you." Miles said while we were taking a drink of water on the bleachers.

"Sometimes I think he does." I said.

"Why?" He asked.

"I think he's jealous." I said. "He always is I can't if he does one more thing that sends me over the age I'm going to reject him."

"You don't mean that." Miles said.

"Yeah whatever." I said.

"Do you still love him?" Miles asked.

"Of I do but he's just really controlling." I said.

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