"WHAT THE HECK MACY JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE PROBLEMS DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT OUT ON MY PHONE!" Nick yelled at me. Alex and Brian came rushing into the room I was crying because some girls pushed me into a puddle outside.

"Macy what happened?" She asked me.

"I got pushed in a puddle outside then Nick yelled at me because I made him drop his phone." I explained.

"I'm sorry Macy I didn't mean what I said." He apologized. "Come on I'll help you get cleaned up."

Nick took my hand in his and took me to the bathroom.

"You should change and take a shower to get the dirt off." He said when we got to his room. I nodded. When I got into the shower I remembered that I forgot my towel.

"Nick." I called.

"Yeah?" He yelled back.

"Um can you pass me a towel?" I asked.

"Sorry I can't walk in there." He said.

"Why not?" I asked confused.

"If I come in there I could do something I will regret." He explained.

"Like what?" I asked seductively.

"MINE." He growled. I was confused but also really happy I had always liked Nick like that but I didn't know if he felt the same way.

"Come claim me." I said seductively knowing that I was killing him. I soon heard the shower door open and hands on my shoulders.

"I this what you wanted princess?" He asked sucking on my sweet spot harshly. I was moaning uncontrollably.

"You like that baby?" Nick asked.

"Yes daddy." I said.

"I like that name." He said smirking against my neck.

Tracy had just gotten out of the shower after we went swimming. She looked so beautiful. I knew she was my mate I was just a coward and afraid to claim her.

"I'm hungry." She said.

"Yeah me too." I said uncomfortably. She walked closer to me.

"Hey are u ok you've been acting really weird lately." Tracy said. I didn't answer her. "You know what whatever. When you find the loving, fun, and the person I have a huge crush on Jackson could you tell him to come see me?"

With those words she stormed out of the room. Ugh!

I was walking back to my room when I saw some guys circling around Kayla. They were cornering her and by the way she looked she wanted them to leave. I walked over there and growled.

"MINE." I growled and it was true she was mine. "Now all of you get away from my mate before I break your necks."

"Ok, ok we're sorry we bothered you Kayla." They apologized before they ran down the hallway. I looked at Kayla and was about to ask if she was ok but before I could she smashed my lips to hers.

"Are you really my mate?" She asked once we pulled away.

"Yes." I confessed her eyes were so big and innocent.

"Can I sleep in your room tonight?" Kayla asked.

"Come on." I said taking her hand in mine.

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