2 years later
Alexis walked in the kitchen looking scared.

"Baby what's wrong?" I asked.

"I can't tell you." I said.

"Seriously your 19 and so am I what could be so secretive you can't tell your own mate?" I asked angrily.

"If I tell you do you promise not to reject me?" She asked crying.

"I would never love." I said.

"I-I'm pregnant." She said nervously.

"Oh my gosh Alexis that's great!" I yelled happily. "How far along are you?"

"2 months." She replied.

"What's the gender?" I asked.

"Genders." She said. "We're having twin boys."

Twins were always very rare to have for werewolves. In our packs it didn't mean they were going to have one mate. Or twin mates. They destined to be very different though.

5 years later.

By now everyone had, had a baby by now. It was cute how all our kids hung out together all the time.

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