It was my birthday in 2 days and my mom was setting up the party list. We invited everybody from the pack and Miles, Coby, and, Lath.

"Why the heck are those 3 invited?!" Zack yelled.

"Because they're our friends your jerk." Jasmine said annoyed. Zack looked so mad at her. He threw his sandwich in the trash can and ran into our house. Jasmine got up and ran after him.

I went after Zack we were becoming like my mom and dad. Except I was the jerk. I got up to our room and saw Zack gathering his phone and headphones like he was going to leave.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"None of your business." He said. "But if you must know I'm going to the gym."

"Uh can we at least talk first?" I asked.

"I don't want to talk to you." Zack said I was so tired of his attitude.

"You know what Zack I am so done you act like you own me!" I yelled.

"Oh yeah and what are you gonna do about it because I own you." He growled.

"I'M REJECTING YOU!" I yelled running out of the room.

It was finally the day of my party for my birthday. Tanner was mad about me inviting Miles but trying not to show it. I headed for my party now. When I walked a lot of people were surrounding me. I finally got through the crowd and saw Jasmine, Diana, Miles, Cody, and Lath.

"Happy Birthday!" They all said in unison. Pulling me into a big group hug.

"Thank you." I said. Miles smiled at me the most.

2 hours into the party most people had left. It was still David, Tanner, Jasmine, Diana, Zack, Miles, Cody, Lath, and I. Miles had his arm wrapped around my waist but I didn't mind. Miles's arms were pulled from my waist I turned around to see what was happening.

"Keep your hands off of her!" Tanner yelled.

"Hey I don't want any trouble." Miles said.

"Yeah Tanner he's just a friend." I said. Tanner threw a punch at Miles.

"Tanner stop!" I yelled he didn't listen. Tanner got on top of Miles and punched him 4 times before Lath and Cody pulled him off. Miles was still on the ground he pulled himself up.

"WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HER?!" Chase yelled. I hadn't even noticed he had walked in.

"Tanner and Miles got into a fight." Zack said.

"Who started it?" Chase asked nobody wanted to answer. "Alexis who started it?"

"Tanner." I said.

"Tanner is that true?" Chase asked.

"Yeah because this guy couldn't keep his hands off my mate." Tanner said.

Tanner grabbed my arm and pulled me until I was in our room.

"Get off of me." I said. Tanner slapped me across the face and then punched me in the lip it busted open. He grabbed my face.

"Learn your place." He growled and walked out the room. I cried myself to sleep that night I am mated to a monster. I was rejecting him no matter what anybody says.

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