I was walking downstairs my lip had healed but it could still be noticed. My arm hurt too but I hoped I could make it through the day. When I got downstairs Diana and Jasmine were just getting there.

"Good- Oh my gosh Alexis what happened to you?!" Jasmine asked yelling.

"I just ran into something last night don't worry about it." I said.

"Don't worry about what?" Tanner asked walking into the kitchen.

"Uh nothing." Jasmine said.

"Um I'm gonna head to school early I'm not hungry." I said.

"Me too." Diana and Jasmine said in unison.

It was the end of school and Diana and I were waiting for Alexis.

"She's lying." Diana said.

"I-I know." I said back. "I think Tanner hit her."

"Yeah I don't want to think it but he did." Diana said.

"Alright lets go." Alexis said walking down the hallway. I walked outside with Diana and Alexis. My dad, Zack, Brian and David came to pick us up today because I begged them to.

"Hey Dad." I said. "Zack."

"Uh you said you had something important to tell us." My dad said.

"Alexis what happened to your face?!" Zack yelled. Brian grabbed Alexis's arm wanting an answer.

"Daddy that hurts." Alexis cried out.

"What happened?!" Brian growled.

"Tanner hit her." Diana blurted out.

"Tanner did what?!" Zack asked. "Is that true?"

"Yes." Alexis said her eyes tearing.

"That's it your rejecting him!" My dad yelled.

"But-" Alexis started.

"Alexis I know Tanner is my son but I can't let him hurt you like this ok." My dad said. "It doesn't matter who your mate is you and him can still be Alpha and Luna. If that's okay with Zack and Jasmine.

"I don't want to be Luna." I said looking at Zack.

"I don't want to be Alpha." I said. My dad nodded and we started walking.

"Alexis, Jasmine, Diana go with Leyla and Alice." I said they all nodded.

"Only for 3 days." I said. Leyla and Alice nodded Leyla with tears in her eyes.

"They'll be fine." I said.

"Chase don't hurt him he's still your son." Leyla said.

"I know baby I won't." I said I kissed her goodbye and she got in the car and drove off.

"Ok lets go." I said we walked in the house and up to Tanner's room. I opened the door and Zack tackled him like we planned.

"What the-" Tanner started but was interrupted.

"Shut up!" David yelled.

"You abused my daughter you sick jerk!" Brian yelled.

"Dad!" Tanner yelled.

"You know what yeah I did little girl didn't listen to me so I taught her a lesson." My son said laughing this made me sick. "What are you gonna do about it?"

"Alexis is rejecting you." I said.

"Whatever I'll talk her out of it." Tanner said.

"Yeah sure my daughter is gonna choose you over Alice, Diana, Jasmine, Zack, Chase, Leyla, and me." Brian said.

"Oh really I think that will be easy." Tanner said.

"What about if Miles says something huh you think she'll still stay with you." I said. Tanner didn't say anything. "That's what I thought get him out of my sight."

Miles was so worried after I told him what happened. He was walking with me to the Rejection and Punishment ceremony.

"Are you okay?" Miles asked.

"Yeah I'm fine." I said.

"Hey its kinda like when I lost my parents." I said.

"Not helping." I said.

"Sorry." Miles said. When Miles was young his parents were gone and he was kidnapped and ever since then he's been living with a different pack with Cody and Lath.

"Its time." I said as I got to the platform the whole pack was there.

"Alright lets start." Chase said. "You ready?"

I nodded.

"My pack members even though he's my son doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants to his mate." Chase said. "Tanner abused his mate a Beta's daughter and your future Luna."

"What should his punishment be?" My dad asked. "Alexis you get to choose his punishment."

"My rejection and he can't be Alpha." I said. "Besides that I don't want to hurt him."

"Ok is that your only options?" Chase asked.

"Also your moving into the separate house." I said. "You will also not mess with our intimidate me, Diana, Jasmine, Alice, Brian, Leyla, Cody, Lath, Miles, David, Zack, or my new mate. Understand?"

"Yes." Tanner said.

"I hope you and your new mate will be happy." I said.

"Thank you." He said.

"Alexis are you ready for the rejection?" Chase asked. I nodded. "Go ahead.

"I Alexis Thompson reject you Tanner Michaels as my mate." I said sternly not even a tear left my face. As soon as I said those words I no longer felt any feelings for Tanner.

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