I didn't know how our testing would go if I was mates with Alex or Sarah. She had been staring at me weirdly but she probably smelled the same way to Brian. Either way Alex was my sister and I wanted her to be my mate.

I was getting ready for our testing. I didn't want to do this I didn't want to hurt one of my brothers. Mate or not I stilled cared about both of them they were my brothers. I walked out of my and saw Sarah.

"What are you doing out here?" I asked.

"They told me I had to be tested too." She said rubbing her arm. She did that when she was nervous. That was not very often. Tracy, Macy, and Kayla were there too. "I'm one of your brothers mates."

"Ok then." I said.

"We wanted to be here for you." Kayla said.

"Thank you." I said.

"Your welcome." Tracy replied. I took her hand and we walked downstairs.

Hopefully she's mine I want her to be mine. I love her way more then Blake ever could. I just couldn't live without her.

The only people in the testing room was me, Alex, Kayla, Tracy, Macy, Jackson, Nick, Mason, Alexis, Miles, and Blake. He was giving me the dirty look and I was sending it right back.

"Ok Sarah and Alex come with me." My dad said.

"Brian, Blake your with me." My mom said. Blake and I followed my mom into a room. I already wanted to walk out.

"We have your results." My dad sighed.

"Are you guys sure you want to hear them now?" Alexis asked.

"Princess its your decision." I said.

"I want to." Alex said. She was laying on Kayla's lap crying while Kayla was stroking her hair.

"Wait before you do this I need to hold my little girl." My grandma Alice said barging in the room coming out of nowhere.

"Grandma!" Alex yelled happily. Alice pulled Alex into a hug.

"Ok now you can read the results." Alice said.

"Ok um Alex your mates with Brian, and Sarah with Blake." Alexis said. Alex smiled at me. Blake walked over to Sarah and took her hand.

"Will you come with me?" He asked.

"Yeah sure." Sarah said. They both walked upstairs and everybody walked somewhere else.

"Come here baby." I said to Alex who was smiling and wouldn't stop. She walked over to me and we walked to my bedroom.

"I'm so happy." She said dancing and jumping around. I laid down on my bed.

"Come here princess." I said. Alex walked over to my bed so that she could look straight into my eyes.

"MINE." I growled.

"Yours." She replied.

"So I don't know much about you?" I said to Sarah sitting on my bed.

"Yeah I guess not." She said rubbing her arm.

"Are you nervous around me?" I asked.

"Yes." She confessed.

"Come here." I said. "Don't be. Do you trust me?"

"Yes." She said.

"Then don't be scared." I said. I pushed her hair behind her shoulder and started to kiss her neck. I found her sweet spot and started to to suck on it harshly.

"Blake..." She moaned.

"What baby girl?" I asked.

"I think I love you." She said.

"You think?" I asked that kind of hurt. Sarah slowly pulled my head away from her neck.

"It's just everyone I ever said I loved left me." She said tears started to form in her eyes. I had never seen Sarah cry except for the day her parents died in a fire.

"Hey look at me you can trust me I will never leave you." I promised.

"Brian I love you." Sarah said wrapping her arms around my neck.

"I love you too." I said wrapping my arms around my neck.

Then there was a loud smashing sound downstairs then screaming and crying.

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