5 years later

"Its time I can't wait any longer." I argued.

"She needs more time she is only 15." Alice said.

"I'm 21 okay I need Alexis now." I said. Alice was about to say something when Brian came up behind her and started massaging her shoulders.

"Baby he cares about her." He said. "Alexis doesn't need anymore time you do."

"Ok fine but she needs to admit it herself that she wants you." She said.

"There is a ball tomorrow so I want Alexis there I want to be her date." I said. "Also since today is her birthday I want to take her, Diana, and Jasmine to..... well wherever they want.

"Alice it is time to let go she's not a baby anymore." My mom Leyla said.

"We will make sure she is completely taken care of Alice it is time for her to know." My dad Chase said.

"I refuse to-" Alice started but my dad cut her off.

"You said when she was 15 she turns 15 today so it's time." My father saud sternly.

"Fine." She said. I walked out of their house and into mine. Alexis, Jasmine, and Diana were in the kitchen chatting away. Alexis was wearing a strapless black crop top with a zipper down the middle. She had on white shorts and black Nikes and an army jacket. I just thought about other guys looking at my baby and was already mad.

"Come on Alexis admit it you want that." Diana said showing Alexis a picture on her phone.

"Pfft I do not pfft." She said I could tell she was lying.

"Yes you do he called you the most beautiful creature he has ever seen." Jasmine said that boy was about to get hurt.

"Ok I admit he's smoking hot." Alexis said. She then noticed me standing there. She looked guilty she knew she knew since that day at the pool.

"Hey Tanner." She said nervously.

"Hey, your mom said I could take all of you out for your birthday." I said. Her face lit up it made me so happy.

"Yeah." They all said in unison. "While your out your going to need to buy dresses for the ball.

"I thought we weren't allowed to go." Alexis said confused.

"Who told you that you couldn't go?" I asked upset.

"Nobody we thought it was for 16 and up." Diana said.

"Well your going got it?" I said angry.

"Ok, ok." Jasmine said. Alexis's phone rang she looked at her phone and as she saw who it was she smiled. She answered it was loud enough for me to hear.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Hey baby." The guy on the phone said. BABY she was mine and only mine.

"Hey Cody." She said. Diana and Jasmine fist bumped each other.

"Ok I don't want to keep you long but I just called to say happy birthday." He said. I wanted to hurt this guy so much right now.

"Ok bye Cody, love ya." Alexis said then hung up.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Nobody." She lied. We started walking out to the car.

"Can I sit in the front?" Alexis asked.

"Its your birthday do whatever you want." I said.

When we got to the mall Diana and Jasmine wanted to go somewhere else then Alexis.

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