I was on the way to my dad's Beta's house because I have to go to make sure I don't mess up the house. Well I'm 16 and have yet to even be kissed by a girl. We walked in and Alice the Beta's mate walked out of the kitchen.
"Brian the Alphas here." She slightly yelled. Brian and his daughter Alexis came downstairs. She was 10 which is why she was my little sister's best friend. I never really noticed how pretty she was.

"Mommy can I go play with my friends?" She asked.

"Yes, but be back by 8." She said. I looked into Alexis's eyes when she looked up. She bite her lips as her eyes locked with mine. I watched her as she walked out the room.

"MINE!" I growled.

"WHAT?!" Her mother yelled.

"Your daughter, she's my mate." I said.

"NO!" She yelled. "YOUR 16 AND SHE'S 10.

"I know that but she's my mate." I said. "You want me to reject her?"

"No, of course not." She said. "She is way to young you just have to wait."

"Baby now hold on a minute." Brian said holding up his hand. "I know she us only 10 but how long do you expect him to wait for her?"

"Until she is 15 at least." Alice said.

"So for 5 years you expect me to completely stay away from my mate?"
I asked stressed and confused.

"Ok, ok your right you can hangout with Alexis and protect her." She said. "You can take her places and act like her caretaker. You are not allowed to tell her that you are her mate. Understand?"

"But-" I started she cut me off.

"If you tell her that you are her mate or step out of line with her I will make her reject you." She said.

"Okay, but what if she finds out on her own?" I asked. Brian looked up at me.

"Of I know my daughter well if she found out by looking into your eyes she wouldn't tell you." Brian said. "She wouldn't even tell Jasmine or Diana she would only tell Zack. Since Zack and her have such a good relationship he wouldn't tell you even if it meant breaking your friendship."

"Ok fine." I said. I walked out the door. I went back to my part of the house. The Beta, Alphas, and David and Diana's house were connected. I walked out to the back to see Alexis swimming in the lake behind our house. She was her bathing suit with Diana and Jasmine. She looked up at me and her gaze locked with mine as she was getting out. Diana and Jasmine got out after her.

"Hey what's your deal?" Alexis asked. Drying herself off I looked away from her.

"Nothing what's yours?" I asked. "Why do you guys have to be so annoying all the time?"

"Oh so now I'm annoying?" She asked. I forgot how sensitive she could sometimes around certain people. "Oh and I must also be to ugly for you to look at because every time I look at you instantly look away."

"Alexis that's not what I-" I started she cut me off. "Just save it your such a jerk."

"You are the worst brother ever." Jasmine said and punched me in the arm. Diana and Jasmine ran after her.
"Alexis wait!" Diana yelled.

"Why, why do I even try to be okay." She said. "Sometimes I just want to die."

"Alexis you don't mean that." Diana said.

"Maybe I do." She said. I could here her walking away.

The next morning Alexis came downstairs with her backpack. She didn't even look at me.

"Alexis I didn't mean to hurt your feelings yesterday." I said. She didn't answer. I walked over to her to make her gaze lock with mine. I got down on one knee to make sure I could look straight into her eyes.

"What?" She asked annoyed.

"I'm sorry about yesterday." I said. "Please forgive me.

"Okay fine." She sighed.

"Thank you." I said. "Uh Alexis yesterday when you said you wanted to kill yourself where you serious.

"I don't know sometimes that is what I feel like." She said.

"What do you think Zack would do if you killed yourself?" I asked. She looked down and her eyes started to water.

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