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My mom and dad had been together for about 18 years. They seemed do happy and stuff. They seemed like they were perfect, until one day my dad moved to Texas. We were all supposed to Move their too. One day my mom and dad left in the Mustang to head to Texas. (I remember they had gave me a purple phone.) I know something had to be wrong, but I ain't really understand. A couple months later my mom told me & My siblings that they were getting a Divorce. I was pretty sad, and so were my brothers and sisters. My little brother Cody was really hurt, he took a walk down the street. My brothers were hurt the most. It started to affect them, their attitude, in school behavior everything. It ain't really affect me, I was still the same person.

Summer 2013
Was my first time riding on a plane because my siblings and I were heading to Texas for the summer to see my dad. We arrived in Texas and it was so Greeny there. The most greenest trees I ever seen before. It was pretty down there. Anyways so we arrived at my dad's apartment complex & settled in. My dad had handed me this hand bag and said it came from Ms. Rucker. I ain't know who that was.
I was just assuming that it was his friend or something but nope it was his new girlfriend. I wasn't ready tbh. Even though my mom had a newbie.
They both went their separate ways. And they were both happy. I was tired of my mommy being stressed out saying he doesn't love me anymore. It made me cry.

So yea, she started coming around trying to be my friend, and try to play a best friend role. She even had a annoying daughter, I had enough siblings back at home. Now I got another " Sister " to deal with man. And somebody trying to be my second mom! 

A Few years passed by and I got use to being in a single parent home. We went from house to house basically homeless staying in other people's houses. My mom wasn't completely on her feet yet. She was pregnant with my little sister Shevah at the time so it was pretty hard. She Managed to take go to Virginia college and take care of my siblings and I. My mom was a soldier, she was independent. She got her Associate Degree then later got a job. She had my sister in November 2013 and that was one of the best moments ever.
A few months & a year my daddy had a kid by Ms. Rucker & they got married . It seem like he was competing shoot I don't know lol. It was just a coincidence that he had a baby right after my mom did.

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