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We all know losing somebody is really hard to deal with especially if they were really close.  In 2009, I remember going to Macon Every other weekend or Weekday.  I didn't really understand then what was going on with her. All I really knew that she would be so swollen from head to Toe. One day  I saw that  she started losing her hair, then I found out that she had Cancer.  I didn't know what cancer was really,  again all I knew was the little things that was happening to her. I remember she used to play the piano for my family and my grandma recorded it. A few months later my mom said that she had passed away I was hurt, I was devastated.
The next death I experienced was the death of my friends.
The first friend I lost was someone who I knew since Elementary school. He was cool,  like Foreal really cool. His name was Marcus Robinson.  When I found on Facebook that he had passed away, I was hurt. He use to be close with my brother and I, he use to come over all the time.  When I found out he was shot to death,  my heart dropped it was beating so fast. I was devastated,  I was hurt,  I was confused.  I didn't think the last time I saw him was at school before he moved to Texas. 

The most hurtful of all was the death of my Cross country /Track Brother Jarrick Pugh. He passed away October 15, 2014, and when I found out it was also over Facebook.  I didn't want to beileve it but when I read it on a news article I felt my heart drop. I straight went to My other brother Gemari. We was all close, I know he was hurt more than me.  Then I know his blood brother was hurt but he kept his head up. Everyone wore blue the next day because that was his favourite color. We all kept our heads up when October 15 came around again. I didn't go to school because I couldn't take the pain, I was emotional. I cried the whole day and looked at his pictures.

Another Death that was after Jarrick's , a year later was My Daddy's Grandma Carrie Mae, after that a year later it was my Great Uncle Charles. He  died of a stroke. I had just seen him I didn't know that would be the last time.  I didn't know he had any health problems.  He seemed so happy. He had came to Georgia for my poppi ( Great Grandpa) and my big sister's 20th birthday. I wasnt as close with him because he loves in a different state. I loved him dearly though, I bet his wife was so hurt.

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