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I've been running since the seventh grade. I've always ran long distance. When I run I feel more relived, I feel as if every single thing is just let go. One day That changed. In March of 2015 at FPD in Macon I ran the 1 mile & 2 mile. I felt like I accomplished something because I had a new PR (personal record) .
So yea, as I was on my last laps I felt like giving up because I was so out of breath. I kid you not I couldn't breathe.
Im not able yet to get a good breathing technique, like I be so focused on finishing the race. So I Finshed my last lap (8 laps total)and I'm like breathing like it's my last breathe. I was trying to gasp air. I was walking up the rap and I made it up. Then I tried making it up the stairs to where my team was at. Somebody handed me a water bottle, and I dropped it out my hand.
So like some people come running to me to help me sit down and someone else calls my coach over. She sits there talking to me, and she puts cold water all over my body. (Rule #1 never ever ever put real cold water on someone that's feeling that way. It just triggers it.)
Anyways so she puts cold water everywhere yatta yatta yatta... And she asks if I'm okay so I said yea. My Ex boyfriend Octavious came over and asked if I was okay also. He leaves and she leaves, some minutes later after I start dozing off. They let me go to sleep. So I kinda hear someone say " Somebody wake endea up". That person shook me to wake up and I went to seizing, I start shaking. I start having a seizure like activity. I end up at the bottom of the bleachers I don't remember getting there. I'm passed out but I'm aware, I ain't here nothing but ambulance & commotion.
I could feel even somebody pressing my chin with their hands to keep me from choking on my tounge because some people do that. I never did. The ambulance arrived with a stretcher and they lifted me on. So I head to the hospital and my mom meets me there. Im not there for a long time, thank god cause I hate hospitals. They're cold and smells weird.
Days pass by I'm missing practice, and I even miss a track meet. I was pretty upset but I know what's best for me. I go to the track meet to support my team, even though I'm not running, that's just how I am. I remember I even cried because I was sitting in the stands and not out their running. I was getting negative opinions left and right, some of my teammates were saying I should Quit, and be a manager. I looked at them like they were crazy Mann, if I'm not running I'm not gone manage nothing . I came here to run, not watch people run.
Nothing will ever stop me from my dream, not my Health, negative people just talking NO- thing AT ALL!!!

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