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When I was younger I was diagnosed with something called Mild Autism. It may not seem like I am autistic but really you gotta look into it. When I was little I stopped talking, and even walking. I went to a normal school but on some days I would go to speech. I went there and I learned alot words, my first word I spelled was "Because". I was happy & I my mom was too. Autism doesn't affect me as much but one thing I did notice was that when I'm alone I don't do too well. I start thinking about the past, I start reminsing on old relationships, just everything. That's why sometimes I try to be as away from my room as possible. If I'm in bed all day especially in the dark, that's when things get ugly. I be all rapped under my covers just crying my eyes out. I talk to my friends about my problems and try not too keep it to myself.

People with Autism can be the smartest people in the world, they're creative, and sometimes closed in. It takes somebody to force them to let all the stress out. If it's kept it it'll lead to something big. They have the biggest heart ever no joke foreal foreal!!! Sometimes it may be difficult for me to understand something the first time so I ask to understand better. Its not because I ain't hear you it's because it takes a couple seconds to process. I can be anti social sometimes. I just get really quiet. That's about it. Any questions feel free to Ask Me with no hesitation.

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