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The night before I had flashbacks, reminsing alot of things like how things use to be and other things. I could feel the heat, the stress building up my chest so I just went to sleep.

The next morning 1/26/16 I didn't feel right at all I felt sleepy, confused, and even lightheaded. I got dressed for school and then headed to my bus stop. I got on the bus, and took a 10 minutes trip there. I walk to breakfast and I walk to the line I always go to. So yea I sit down and I try to eat my breakfast. I really couldn't eat but I forced myself to. I didn't have a appetite at the time.
The bell rings and I head to first period, I felt so sad. I arrive in my class and I sit down by my friend (wifey) Jessica. So we were working on our project together, looking up stuff on the computer. I asked my teacher if I could use the restroom and she said yes. As I was walking to the bathroom, I felt as if I couldn't walk that good, I felt like I was gone fall over. So I go in the restroom and I look in the mirror, my face looks lighter than what I woke up to. I looked lightskin, it might have been the lighting in the restroom shoot I really didnt know.
I head back to the classroom and I sit down . So I'm talking to Jessica and I ask her was my face swollen she responded "No". Then I tell her I felt sleepy. She Said I looked like it. The bell rung to go to our next period. So we walked the halls to our 2nd period, she stopped to talk to someone but I just didn't feel like being late.
So I get in my second period Gym class, and I enter the locker room. I sat down and put on my gym clothes over my gym clothes. I do that everyday. Anyways so I sit there on my phone, and out of nowhere I bust out in silent tears. Noni comes and sit by me, she says hey. She doesn't realize that I'm crying, so she asks me what's wrong I responded nothing. I go to the restroom stall and grab tissue to wipe my nose and tears.
I get in the gym and I walked around the gym like we do every day then we went to roll call. I remember Cookie had asked me if I was high & if I was crying. I shrugged my shoulders.
We're still in our Roll call spots and We did our everyday stretches & workout then played either basketball or 9 square. I ain't feel like doing anything at the time.
I just started crying again, I was just walking back and forth on the wall. My Friend Jayla walked over & was trying to cheer me up pulling on my arms and walking me around. She was just singing and stuff, it didn't work. Then this other girl I play with every other day came to cheer me up. I told them could they just leave me alone but they didn't listen.
They were both tugging on my arms, dragging me as I was stopping with my feet. All of a sudden I just drop to the ground and landed on my butt while they still had my arms. They stood there and giggled because they didn't realize I had fainted. Jayla asked me if I was okay and I slightly shook my head No. She called the coach over and coach McDavis (the black football & basketball coach) told them to call a code blue.
He tells everyone to go out in the lobby and I hear " Code Blue In the Northside Gym " on the Intercom. I couldn't see nothing the whole time but I could hear somethings. So the code blue team arrives and one of the lit teachers ask me if I can open my eyes.
I opened my eyes slowly and started crying. She told me it would be okay. I felt this nerve hit that I was having another seizure, I start shaking. I couldn't see anything but I heard a voice say "mark the time" Im over here trying to catch my breath hyperventilating, crying and still shaking for a few minutes. They say I was out for 5 minutes after I opened my eyes.
I'm just laying there, my stomach hurting and I'm still crying a little bit. My brother Cody walks in and he grabs my hand, he's there by my side the whole time. I'm still there laying on the floor and they ask my brother where's my mom at because she wasn't answering the phone. They ask him where she works, they call her job and she wasn't at work. She was probably at home sleep. I wanted to say something but I really didnt have the strength to.
The paramedics arrived with a stretcher. They checked my blood pressure and my pulse and then put me on the stretcher. I'm on the stretcher and I finally have the strength to ask can someone get my phone out the locker room. They took my brother in there do he could show them what it looked like.

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