Warrior (Part 02)

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They push me to the ambulance and put me in there. They ask me questions and put something in my arm to take the blood from and put a IV in. I could feel it flow through veins, it felt kinda cold. We're almost there because the hospital is a few minutes away from the school.
We arrive there and I'm put in the same room I was in for my other seizure back in March 2014. Room A1. I have a great memory.
My Mom & Her fiancé arrive and they come and sit down with me. My mom asked me what happened and I told her. After that my Nurse asked me the same question. I swear I got tired of repeating the same thing again and again man foreal foreal. I explained to him too though. My sister Kee comes in the room like 3 minutes later.
Another person comes in and asked me if I could Pee in a container. She wheeled me to the bathroom and I went Pee.
My nurse then wheeled me so I could get a CT scan. The scan took about 5 minutes at the most. I got done and I went back to my room and laid down.
Minutes past by and they admit me to a room on the second floor (Room 246, I think) , the Pediatric part. We go up the elevator and go to the room. Minutes later then my sister Lania came and saw me. We go in the bathroom and take pictures. our parents start talking about random stuff.
My Man nurse came in and said they had to leave soon, so I could go get my EEG scan done. I'm wheeled there and put in this room. I lay on the bed she explains to me what she'll be doing.
The first test was the strobe light test, she told me to close My eyes. Lights flashed in different speeds. The third test was the breathing test, I had to breath in and out for 3 minutes I felt so tired during that test. The last one was when she put these little things in my scalp for the computer for my brain. I went to sleep, I slept good for about 20-30 minutes.

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