My Beginning

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I remember as I grew up, I was different from the people in my class. I didn't talk as much,  I use to stay to myself. I remember when I was at Stuart Mesa Elementary in Oceanside, California I was in this class on certain days called Speech.  In that class I learned how to spell & talk because at one point when I was little I stopped talking. 
When I was little I stopped talking & walking. My mom said it was one day at home and I came to her door and I was trying to say something but nothing came out.  So because of that I was placed in speech classes from Headstart up to third grade.

I remember I think it was 2nd grade that I had learned how to spell because. I came home proud, I told my mom and she was proud too.

So my family moved to Georgia because my daddy was in the military, I was sad because we moved without warning.  I was upset because I couldn't say goodbye to friends and even my childhood bestfriend. I remember her name and everything. Her name was Jordy Russell. Till this day I haven't heard from her.

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