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My Health isn't the best but then again it's not the worse. Most of my life I've had from 1 or 2 something like seizures every 6 months to a year Apart. My doctors don't think it's seizures but something similar. But yea, I even went probably a few months to a year having a seizure. From 2008 up to Now I think I've had about 8 seizures total. They're caused from Overheated, Strong Smells, Stress, Anxiety and Etc. I remember a lot, I have a lot of flashbacks, and they won't stop replaying.

My family were on our way to Georgia and We had made a stop in Texas were my auntie Jilton lived. So we stayed their for a couple days, I played with my cousins and had fun. So one day I developed a Wart on my finger, it was pretty small but a good size. My mom had put this wart remover on the wart & the smell came through my nose and I fainted in my mom's arms. I remember her typing in 9-1-1 then minutes later I hear Sirens. So the ambulance gets there and I get on the little stretcher . That was my first time being on one of those I was only like 10. So they put me in the vehicle & they put a IV in my arm, I had to eat this stuff that made me feel better. It wasn't even that nasty, I was eating it like it was candy. They also gave me a Bear, and I comfort it. I wasn't that scared cause I knew I know I was getting well cared. We arrived at the hospital and my mom was there. I was in a room for a few hours and my auntie Jilton came to see me. We sat their eating grapes and other fruit too. I finally went home and I was so happy.

We arrived in Georgia, and it was so different. It was good though, change is good. So yea, I was in cheerleading & I cheered for my little brother. haha!!! Wow I was a cheerleader! Anyways, so I was cheering and all of a sudden I felt really hot and dry. ( if you know what I mean.) My mom looked at me and she could tell that I wasn't okay because I was turning pale. I wasn't sweating or anything, I was dry as a rock in a desert on a summer's day.
I don't remember passing out or anything but I think I did black out for a few seconds. I don't remember anything after that. On to my next

So my third episode was at my first house in Georgia 404 Norman Lane. My mom was removing finger nail polish off my nails with finger nail polish remover. So as she took the Polish off I said "My head hurted and I fainted. " This time I didn't go to the hospital or anything. My mom just took care of me. I swear I loveeee my mommy for that.

*I will provide more later *

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