Warrior (Part 03)

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So she finally wakes me up and says she's done, and I still feel sleepy. She removes the things from my head, I'm finally up. I swear at first I forgot why was even in the hospital. I thought about it and I instantly became sad again. I'm wheeled back to my room, I lay down and there was some nasty looking food sitting there. My mom was eating her food and she asked me if I wanted mine. I responded No. She said " I thought you were hungry " I responded " I was but not anymore " but really I was I just didn't wanna eat that nasty ahh food man. The food like jail food that be on TV. So hours past by and I go to sleep. It's really a long story so ima skip. It was day 2 and it was finally time to go home. I was happy, it felt like being trapped. I was in bed all day man. I was just watching movies and Disney Channel. Anyways it was time to go home I got my stuff and I was ready to go. I got released and my mom drove home. It felt like I wasn't outside for a long time. I was glad to home. My siblings started asking me questions, just so worried about me. I was beyond happy to see them.

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