Chapter 19

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A/N this is the next day.
Also, I think the picture above looks like Aubrey.


​Last night was so much fun, and now I felt more graceful on my feet.   I don't know if that is necessarily a bad thing, but I kind of like it.  I rolled out of bed.  Honestly, I did not really hate the mortal school, but I didn't necessarily love it.

​I walked to the bathroom, and ran a brush through my hair after brushing my teeth.  I walked back to my closet to find an outfit already picked out for me.  To be honest, I was relieved because when faced with the problem of choosing my outfit, I crack under pressure.  My sense of style is a zero.

​On the black chair there was a pair of khaki shorts and a purple t-shirt.  Honestly, I was fine with this outfit, and I really didn't care as long as Hazel approves.  After getting dressed, I walked downstairs and put my shoes on. 

​I ate some pancakes, and texted Hazel that I was downstairs.  She came down a few minutes later, and we sat together at the island in the kitchen.

​"Good morning beautiful," I said, as she walked in.

​"Good morning handsome," she replied, kissing my cheek.

​"So, are you excited for school?" I asked, a smile spreading across my face.

​"No, that's not even funny," She said, laughing.

​After we finished eating, we walked to my car, and I drove us to school.  The traffic getting into the parking lot was awful, and we were almost late.   But, the amazing Zhang got us there on time.  Hazel and I had first period together and we were chemistry partners

"Good morning class," Mr. Pomeroy said.  This class was so boring and Hazel and I had finished the lab early. When we finished, I took note of my surroundings.  One guy in the row behind us was oogling at Hazel.  I didn't want to start a commotion, but this guy was annoying.

I got up, and Hazel put her arm on me, warning me to sit down.  But, I couldn't let this guy think what he was doing be ok.  I didn't want to fight this guy class, for fear of suspension.  I simply walked over to him, and whispered to his face.

"After second period, the middle courtyard," I said, walking away.

Next period I had English without Hazel, and I missed her greatly.  Mendoza was so boring, and she gave us another PSAT workbook.  Ugh, these were easy for me, and I really despised them though because they were quite extensive.

​I finished early, and when class ended, I headed quickly to the middle courtyard.  People hardly went there and I thought it would be the perfect place to beat him up.  I told Hazel to meet me there, and when I arrived, she was already there.

"Hi Hazel," I said, hugging her.

"Are you seriously going to beat him up?" She asked.

"As much as I want to, no.  This is just going to be a warning," I said.

"He was just looking at me.  I don't think that is a crime," Hazel replied, concern on her face.  Hazel only saw him looking at her, but he was also snickering to his friends and making certain comments about her.  I was going to explain this to her, but just then the guy came sauntering out into the courtyard.

​"So, Frank," he spat.  "What do you want because I have places to be."  Just then Hazel, stepped out from behind me, her eyes, stone cold.  "Why hello princess, I'm glad you could join the party," He said, licking his lips.  That did it.

​I shoved him back and got in his face.  "This is a warning; stay away from Hazel.  I don't think you want to try me," I said, shoving him back further. I looked at Hazel, and we had a silent agreement.  I began to walk away.  Just as I reached the door, I looked back for Hazel.  She was whispering something to him, and she punched him in the face before she left.  That's my girl.

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