Chapter 8: Jason⚡️

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​My school experience was great until fourth period.

Fourth period was English, and I had the worst teacher you could possibly ask for; Ms. Shumbrag. Unpleasant name, I know. Everyone calls her Ms. Hag.

​I entered class, holding Piper's hand, and guider her to two seats in the back of class. We sat down normally. Now, why is this the worst period of the day?

​Two words, Aubrey Preston.

​She decided that she wanted to sit next to me. Joy.

​She kept winking at me, and passing me notes like;

​You have dreamy eyes
​Want to go out?
o Yes
o Absolutely
o Kiss me
Aubrey 💋

No; one billion percent, no. Never in a million years.

I tried to keep my mind focused on the lesson, but she was so annoying!

There was also another problem.

I noticed a group of boys constantly looking at Piper. That did it, I was mad.

Just get through this class, I kept telling myself, as I took Piper's hand.


It's about time, class ended.

I stood up, and gathered my things.

What we learned today in fourth period, I couldn't tell you.

I just wanted to leave that room as fast as possible, and go to lunch.

I led Piper to the door as fast as possible. (It took all my willpower to fly straight out of there.)

"Jason, why are you running?" Piper asked me.

"No time to explain, just follow me, Pipes." I replied in a rushed whisper.

We made it to the door, and I continued into the hallway.

I stopped, checking the hallway.

Piper walked out before me, and was taken by someone, and led away from me.

Um, not good. I charged after her.

The hallway was complete chaos. I just caught a glimpse of Piper's hair around the corner.

I sped up, knocking people out of my path.

I turned the corner, and Piper was standing in the middle of a circle of boys.

She unsheathed her knife, but all the boys were laughing, not cowering in fear.

I ran into the middle of the circle; wrapping my arms around Piper, and taking her knife.

"Let me at them Jason." She said through gritted teeth.

"You can't kill a bunch of mortals on your first day," I whispered back.

"Leave." I shouted at the boys.

"Hey," one of the boys pat back,"Get off our girl."

Excuse me?!

"Piper is my girlfriend." I said.

"No she's not." Another replied.

They sounded like kindergarteners, arguing with me.

I had no choice, I could have beat them up, but I'd rather not do that on my first day.

I flew.

I had Piper in my arms, and we flew down the now deserted hallway to lunch.
Now I see why Jason wanted to leave the classroom so quickly.

We made it to lunch, though I was quite embarrassed that I could fight Giants but not Highschool boys.

Jason didn't talk about I and I was grateful.

We sat down at a table with the seven and some of Percy's friends.

I just wanted to go home, which, by the way, I didn't know where we were staying yet...


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