Chapter 10

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Tehe I wrote another😏

-Line break-


I flew up to the house with Pipes in my arms.


The house was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

It was so massive.

I was white, with, like, a billion windows.

It had large gardens and a nine car garage.


I think everyone stood outside gaping for twenty minutes before something clicked.
I ran inside.

Piper practically fainted.

The inside was even more grand.

There were hardwood floors galore.

The foyer went up to every floor, and there were arches looking down into it.

Practically a castle.

I counted five floors.

The kitchen was so modern, and there were hangout areas everywhere.

Something clicked again.

I flew up into the foyer, careful not to hit the chandelier.

Finally, I spotted them.

Our rooms.

It was another massive hallway.

Every couple across from one another.

I could barely contain my excitement.

I burst through the door and


My room was HUGE.

I had a huge bed that had grey clouds on it, and they actually moved.

I had a massive flat screen, large desk, mini fridge, and a massive closet.

My hands were shaking with excitement.

I leaned against my grey walls, and sat on my blue carpet,
just gaping.

I quickly stood and ran to see Piper

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