Period 1: Science With Leo

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Some changes......
Leo and Calypso's locker are three away from each other.
The rest of the seven's are spread out. (All couples close, though)
In other words, they are no longer all next to each other.
It is their senior year. I'm not so sure I've mentioned what year they're in....
But they're seniors.
I think that clears everything up....
People in the mortal world need to prioritize. I've already seen too many walking Barbie dolls and it's only first period.
Calypso has gotten some stares from a few guys, in which I have responded with a death stare and my arm making its way around Calypso.
First period was science, ugh.
We were doing a biology unit. UGH.
I took Calypso's hand and led her to a seat, and I sat right next to her. We were in the front, which is exactly the last place I wanted to sit, but Calypso insisted we sit there sooooooo.....
Every boy that entered the room without a girl looked at Calypso.
​ I responded by holding her hand and giving each one of them death stares. There would be none of that.
​ Another boy walked in. UGH.
​ He was a beefy boy. Strongly built, but with some flab. He walked past Calypso, and basically had googly eyes.
​ I stood up. This had to stop. Calypso grabbed my hand.
​"Leo, calm down. I don't want you to get in trouble." She said.
​"Yeah Leo," The boy sneered. "I and my girlfriend have better things to do." He said, extending a hand to Calypso.
​ I burst into flames.
​"LEO!" Calypso whispered.
​ I stopped flaming but the look of anger had not left my face.
​"Cool it you little stick." He said, his eyes returning to Calypso. How dare he just insult the great Leo Valdez.
​ At this, Calypso was fuming.
​She slowly turned to me, and nodded.
​ I sprang out of my seat. I was standing right in front of the boy within seconds. I had really got some muscles this summer, though. This kid was going to realize that in about ten seconds.
​ It was a standoff.
​ He punched me in the jaw, and pain shot through it.
​ I got back and attacked. Punching, scratching, and biting whenever necessary.
​ He got up and ran to the other side of the classroom.
​"This," he panted, "Is not over." He said, leaving.
​ We continued with class.


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